Cleanse from Within

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  Many of us view cleansing as a form of suffering – from depriving ourselves of certain foods, to extreme fasting whereby we can only ingest juices and not much else. But cleansing is essentially a form of letting go and starting from within. We can cleanse without the need to banish, to suffer nor … Read more

What would Bruce Lee do…Jnana Yog

 Many of us come to Yoga through the path of the physical body, to get fitter, be stronger – many of us however don’t realise nor understand the importance of working from within – using the philosophies of Jnana Yoga (Yoga of knowledge), Pranayama (breath practices) and Meditation . My background (British born Bangladeshi) and … Read more

Don’t Look Back

I spoke to one of my students turned Yoga Teacher today and she mentioned that she doesn’t understand the philosophy of Yog. She prefers to play it safe and teach posture with some breathing, theres nothing at all wrong or right in that, that’s the path she has chosen to follow and like all paths … Read more

New Beginnings

Mother Spring is starting to shower us with her rays of warmth bringing us out of a state of hibernation towards a period of awakening and hope. I know that the weather is shifting yet again, but there is a freshness that is starting to find its way in, from the new buds opening their … Read more

False and Real Ego

“Accept what we have, have the courage to acknowledge what we have, have the strength to appreciate what we have, have the will to be content; all this is easy to write but hard to practice when the “false” ego is listened to. The struggle between the mind and the Self is identifying whether we … Read more

The Divine

What is Brahman, What is Allah?         Sunset @ Cox Bazaar Bangladesh ©SadhanaYoga   I cannot adequately explain what Allah is; In Bradaranyaka Upanishad, when Yajnavalkya was questioned by his students to describe God, he could only say, “It is not this and it is not that” (neti, neti, neti). Allah is the creator, without which we … Read more