Let your Light Shine

Dear Yogis and Pilates Friends I am so grateful to you all for your support and love in my Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes. I started   Sadhana Yoga & Pilates in 2004  to share mindful movement and  breath  with all bodies and any body so a huge thank you for realising my vision. With Christmas coming  … Read more

Leg and Bum Workout

Leg and Bum Workout The exercises below are designed for all, but if you have any knee injuries or hip problems it is better if you can work with a teacher so they can modify the exercises. Please consult a doctor before taking on any exercises. Please stop immediately if you feel faint or experience … Read more

False and Real Ego

“Accept what we have, have the courage to acknowledge what we have, have the strength to appreciate what we have, have the will to be content; all this is easy to write but hard to practice when the “false” ego is listened to. The struggle between the mind and the Self is identifying whether we … Read more