Let your Light Shine

Dear Yogis and Pilates Friends

I am so grateful to you all for your support and love in my Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes. I started   Sadhana Yoga & Pilates in 2004  to share mindful movement and  breath  with all bodies and any body so a huge thank you for realising my vision.

With Christmas coming  as joyous as this occasion is it is also a very stressful time filled with pressure and worry.It  can bring us into a state of suffering with the false ego driving us into a state of panic, fear, anger and expectation; resulting in guilt, pain, letting ourselves and others down.

If these feelings arise – inhale them in and find the courage to breath it away and let your true light shine. Embrace what we have rather than what we need, find acceptance and peace and always ask yourself – is it necessary? is it kind? will it allow me to find my inner light and let the radiance shine? If the answer is no, exhale and let it go…

If you are finding it tough start with the self then share your loving kindness to loved ones and strangers with a smile, a helping hand, a prayer.


With Loving Kindness