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Sadhana’s Baby Yoga is a great start to the week . Not only do I benefit from a good work out, but Baby Ruby loves the attention that she receives  as well as the nursery rhymes, songs and baby massage. Sadhana has a really laid back attitude to the class. Babies are free to cry, feed and be changed whenever necessary. Sadhana is a great instructor who really knows her stuff. Ruby adores her, which is evident when I hand her over so I can really make the most of the yoga session!’
Kate and Baby RubyBaby Yoga Testomonial


Lynne Maxfield © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Yoga teachers usually say you should ‘work with your body’ and this year I felt that my body needed some special treatment.

I am 61 years old and have a slow-growing cancer. At the moment I am taking some oral chemotherapy which produces side effects such as sore hands and feet and stomach upset.

I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence or the stamina to manage a regular yoga class but still wanted to feel the benefits of yoga stretches.

Cancer is also a challenge to the spirit and mind, so I was looking for ways to stay positive and keep myself from worrying excessively about the future. I booked a one-to-one session with Sadhana.

There was no need to worry about feeling different. Sadhana bases her yoga practices on kindness and compassion and she always gives a friendly, warm welcome to her students.

Very quickly, she was able to make an accurate and professional assessment of my physical capabilities and limitations and adapted a version of Sun Salutation for me, which we worked on side by side. This helped me feel stronger and helped ease out the tension I had stored in many muscles.

Instead of feeling I couldn’t take part, I gained confidence by realising that yoga is about the individual and what they are feeling in the present moment. Sadhana also worked a lot on breathing with sound which I particularly enjoyed.

She used a variety of strategies to help me breathe more deeply and evenly. Focusing on the breath worked to decrease my stress levels and brought me in to a more serene present moment. In one session when I felt really ‘off balance’ we chanted together until an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment ensued.

Sadhana is a skilled and sensitive teacher, who can help anyone achieve the best they can. She can draw from a wide knowledge of how the body works and can provide the right postures for you. She also uses a variety of breathing practices and can help pupils to understand the philosophy of yoga.

Lynne Maxfield, 61


Phil © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Phil © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

My name is Phil Kinsey and I would like to tell you about my experience of yoga. I attended the Yoga and Meditation sessions that Sadhana taught at Salford Achieve, a centre that helps people with  alcohol and substance abuse. Firstly on arrival Sadhana was sincere and welcoming with big smile and kind words after an introduction about what Yoga is we proceeded with few gently postures with emphasis on Meditation and breathing. She gently guided us through making sure we took our time and kept our focus on the breath.

The yoga and meditation has helped me with my busy mind and ME. I also suffer from psychosis and multiple personality disorder.  Not many people can work with me and my issues aswell as  ME sufferers so I was impressed by her knowledge.

I went to an open day at MMU there was a stall where you had to move a ball along a path using your mind with a sensor strapped onto your head and to move the ball you had to relax and focus on the ball only. I used my meditation and breath techniques that Sadhana had showed us and after 20 seconds of calming my mind down using her meditation the ball was able to move effortlessly. Everyone was impressed the computer even said “great  effort”. And the others all shouted yes yoga does work !  You can’t get better scientific proof that this.
We hope the Yoga can continue to be funded at Salford Acheive as I’ve been waiting for something like this for very long time.

Thank you Sadhana
Love and light.



I remember the desperate search for help, I remember being told its adults only in yoga classes by other teachers. I will never forget Sadhana’s response to my email, “you are all welcome here”
I first brought my children to family yoga classes for their mental wellbeing. One specifically was struggling with stress and anxiety. Sadhana showed us the importance of exercise before relaxation and explained how being active releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good, boosting your self-esteem and helping you concentrate as well as sleep well and feel better. She taught us how this wasn’t a one lesson fix but something we had to incorporate into our life at home. She helped us build our skills and enabled us to work independently at home. This said, over 10 years later they still join me at class occasionally as adults and work at yoga and Pilates without me, I take that as a win as a parent.

Sadhana has also helped me work through back injury. With the diagnosis of a herniated disk that left me initially unable to walk or dress unaided most mornings. When I physically couldn’t get to her, we had online zoom classes for my convenience and she taught me how to release the stiffness in my spine enough to move a little and from that I was able to get up and about and eventually dress myself in a morning, that was such a personal breakthrough. Through core training and back strengthening exercises I have gone from someone else dressing me, to lifting 24kg in kettle bells, or as she likes to call them, “my little friends”, I haven’t taken painkillers for my back in nearly 2 years. The herniated disk is still there but, my back and core strength have improved dramatically which enables me to manage so much better. On days when it feels week, Sadhana’s lessons give me strength, both physically and mentally. I really can’t recommend her enough.

As I head towards menopause, I know I am in safe hands. The advice from the Doctor has been to continue with regular exercise particularly Pilates for the weight bearing aspect to help bone strength and density. I do enjoy her face-to-face group classes for this. It’s good to be with other people and they are small classes no more that 7 people per session so you still feel you have her personal attention. Saying that I will never give up my one-to-one class. Some people may see it as a luxury, but I see it as my health plan, my future, I am looking after myself and Sadhana is showing me how to do it with a smile on my face and a cup of ginger tea with every class.

Amanda xxx


Helen and Sarah © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Helen and Sarah © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I wanted a present of worth for my lovely sister’s 60th birthday last May, something to make her feel alive, less stressed by the daily grind of life, a way to look after herself (we both work  too much, put family first, don’t sleep, etc).

I booked us some private sessions together with Sadhana. Four private sessions initially-we’re still going and it’s December. Takes half an hour in rush hour to reach Eccles for our 8am start. We both rant on about what’s happened this week, what’s not arrived, not been done all the way there. We leave with smiles on our faces, a feeling of serenity, some peace. On the way home we talk about  how lucky we are.
Sadhana exudes calm serenity. After one session you trust her, she knows how the human body works and can show you how to get the best out of yours. She can judge what you are capable of well and listens to what you say, then develops your confidence to reach further. Sadhana has never repeated the same session twice.

The strongest core muscle work-outs are secured with breathing techniques and peppered with postural advice that ensures pushing yourself a little is safe.
At the end, when your body is worked, there is relaxation. Cocooned in blankets, warm lavender bags over our eyes and serene Yoga music we allow ourselves some peace.
Sadhana’s yoga/pilates has become our little oasis and we’re the strongest grannies around!!


My sister Sarah and I have private yoga and pilates lessons with Sadhana once a week.This fits with our lifestyle as we can’t get to Sadhana’s classes in the evening due to work commitments.It also means that there are no excuses for missing any!

I would never have believed in May that by Xmas I could be so much stronger and fitter with 1 hour a week. I also sleep better,don’t have the same lower back issues I had-due to the amount of core work we do, have less tension in my neck muscles and have learned through the breathing and relaxation how to help myself to relax at home.

Sadhana is a most calming, lovely person who instils confidence in her older clients (like myself)to push yourself within your own limits and that you really CAN DO excercises you would previously have thought impossible. I was confident enough on a recent holiday to join a class of women 40 years younger than me and had no problems being as flexible and was just as strong as any of them.
I would highly recommend anyone of any age, male or female to try just one class and feel the immediate benefits.
Helen Higham age 60.


Mary Salmon© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Mary Salmon© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending yoga and pilates with Sadhana two years ago (2015), hoping to improve my physical health as I was feeling generally out of shape and run down.  I’d tried other pilates and yoga classes before but had always found them to be stuffy, competitive, serious and intimidating.  Sadhana’s classes have none of these qualities; she is friendly and welcoming to each and every member and keeps the class smiling and laughing – even when we have to work hard!

What’s really great about it is that it’s a complete mix of abilities and Sadhana recognises that we all have good and bad days, so there is never an expectation to do more than you feel able to.  Sadhana emphasises the importance of listening to our bodies and not trying to compete with other people in the room which, for me, is a really positive ethos.  I always feel exhilarated after each class and I particularly love the relaxation part at the end!

About nine months in I experienced some difficulties with my physical health, requiring surgery, and this had a knock-on effect on my emotional wellbeing.  Sadhana was very sensitive to my needs and she was hugely supportive during this time.  Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how different yoga and pilates moves can benefit each part of the body is impressive; through one-to-one sessions Sadhana devised a sequence to complete at home to improve my recovery and I found that it really did work for me. Gradually I began to attend yoga, yin yoga and meditation sessions. I found that these sessions have not only benefitted me physically, but also my mental wellbeing has improved immensely as Sadhana teaches us to clear the clutter from our minds and find peace in the moment.

I absolutely love yin yoga – two hours sounds like a long time but it really does fly by and it is very relaxing.  I’ve found it extremely rewarding to see improvements in both my body and my mind over the last two years and I now practice regular yoga and meditation at home if I am not attending a class.

I always recommend Sadhana’s classes to my friends, so if you’re toying with whether to try a class or not I’d say go for it – you won’t look back & you’ll make some good friends in the process!

Mary, 36, Eccles.


Christine Kershaw © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Meditation Classes : Sadhana’s meditation groups are a wonderful way to unwind and gain perspective on life. I started going as I thought it might help me to relax and sleep better. At that time I was still working as a teacher and was always very busy. The hour long group session gave me an opportunity to sit and become grounded after a whirlwind day. It gave me some ‘me’ time to focus and try to exclude distractions.

Sometimes, no matter what, it is hard to quieten your mind but I take ideas from the sessions and find a time to sit quietly at home. This may only be a few minutes each day but I find it so helpful. I now keep a journal which I find helpful in my own practice at home.

The benefit of going to the monthly group is the opportunity to discuss with others. This is always your choice but it is interesting to hear how others feel. If you haven’t tried this group I would urge you to come along and see what benefits can be gained

Christine Kershaw, 60 From Oldham


Helen © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Helen © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I work in a highly pressured job and it was beginning to take its toll on my mental and physical health. In 2011 I was feeling very fraught and stressed. My GP diagnosed anxiety and depression for which I was given medication. Whilst the medication helped me, I wanted to try a more holistic way to treat my symptoms. I discovered that Sadhana ran meditation and yoga classes in my local area. I was somewhat reticent to join a group meditation class but I decided to give it a go.

I was made to feel very welcome by Sadhana and the other people in the group when I turned up for my first session. We met in her home which is a calm and comfortable environment. The session lasted about an hour during which we did two meditations. I noticed the benefits of meditation immediately. I found that I was much more relaxed in general and did not experience the same high level of anxiety when confronted by stressful events.

I have attended Sadhana’s meditation sessions for the last 10 months and my life has significantly changed for the better. My mental and physical health is much improved. Overall, it has brought a profound sense of contentment into my life. I highly recommend Sadhana’s meditation sessions to everyone.

Helen Leighs-Smith


Elaine Hodson © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

My name is Elaine, and I am 59 years old, and work as a teacher in higher education.

I have been attending Sadhana’s meditation classes for a couple of years now. When I first went I had no idea what to expect. I found myself part of a small, welcoming group.  Sadhana always treats us as individuals and shows concern for our comfort and well being.  She guides us through two meditations each session, and always invites each person to feedback their responses.

The setting is cosy and very relaxing. I really enjoy the meditations, but most of all I love listening to Sadhana as she explains how to use the meditations in our everyday lives. During the time I have attended, my life, like everyone’s has been full of emotional ups and downs, and I have experienced many stressful situations both at work and at home.

During these episodes, I am always able to hear Sadhana’s explanations about life and the universe, see her smile and hear her calmness. I can’t say that I always succeed in staying completely calm, but I do know these sessions are providing me with a deep well to draw on.  I haven’t yet ventured to Yoga or Pilates, but have done both in the past with other teachers.

As time permits, I have to get myself along to Sadhana’s classes.
Elaine Hodson x


Deborah & Hetty © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Deborah & Hetty © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started doing Pilates with Sadhana a few years ago because I wanted to get fit after having a baby. I wanted something local, a class that I could pay as you go and one that I didn’t have to book and with flexibility to go a different times on different days. Sadhana’s class offers all of this and much more.

The classes are fun and interesting, we never do the same thing twice and Sadhana’s enthusiasm really helps with motivation and her advice and attention means that all abilities are looked after even the pregnant ladies.

Pilates was hard at first but even just going once a week, I soon felt much stronger both physically and mentally. I would definitely recommend this to everyone as it’s fun, great for your body and mind and such a sense of achievement after each class.

Sadhana also introduced me to yoga and meditation which concentrate more on well being. They are both great sessions and help to keep a perspective, to put things in context and to focus more on the important things in life.

Following a loss in the family, I wanted help and I went to Sadhana for 1-2-1 yoga therapy sessions. She worked with me to create some yoga and meditation techniques that I could use at home. These really helped me to keep calm, keep things in perspective and to be happier. Looking back I’m still surprised at how well I coped with it and that is all thanks to the yoga.

Deborah Sullivan, age 34, Swinton


I first started yoga training with Sadhana in an attempt to gain greater integration between my mind and my body. I had tried yoga decades ago and often felt uncomfortable as the only male in the class, but a friend of mine who’d studied under Sadhana told me that there were usually men at her classes and so I decided to try one.

Even though there are lots of ladies in the class there are also many men too and the mix of people and ages too allows for a friendly atmosphere engendered by the teacher and it no longer concerns me at all even when there are less men at the classes.

Sadhana does not have beginner, intermediary and advanced classes . By teaching the same postures to all students she encourages you to find your own level and soon you learn the futility of comparing self with other. There will always be people who can do a particular pose more easily than you. There will always be people who struggle more than you. The yoga Sadhana teaches becomes a relationship between the student and the practice: the pupil must learn, but also the yoga becomes adapted by and to, the individual.

Yoga is not a way to a destination: it is a destination in itself. Oh, it will get you where you want to go, but you will find dimensions beyond your body in the body’s mindful movement. I now view yoga as an essential part of my spirituality.

The decision to begin private Pilates training with Sadhana came after enrolling on a course learning bushcraft skills, in Canada, with the world authority on the subject, Ray Mears. I was aware that at 64 I would probably be one of the oldest on the course and that it would doubtlessly be physically demanding.

I am 12 years older than Ray, and after a largely sedentary life, I was clearly in need of physical conditioning if I was in any way to match his pace. (It turned out that the next oldest course participant was 47, seventeen years my junior!) I’d also been warned by his people that in their experience the conditions could make it tough for a vegan. (Did I say that I’m a vegan?)

Pilates training is hard. No denying it. If it isn’t hard, you’re not doing it right and consequently you’re not benefiting as you should. I don’t like “hard”. I like “soft” and “easy”. (I love the Homer Simpson line, “If a thing is hard to do it probably wasn’t worth doing anyway!”) But Sadhana makes this bitter pill very easy to swallow. In personal class she is able to concentrate much more closely on my personal “form” in each exercise, ensuring that the correct muscles are used and the maximum benefit gained from my effort.

Time and again Sadhana challenges me, and I am surprised to find that I can meet, and indeed surpass that challenge. By focusing on the moment, and by intelligent use of the breath, I can do more, for longer, and take less time to recover than I thought possible for me.

The week before I flew to Winnipeg, to join the “Winter Bushcraft in Canada, with Ray Mears” course, I remarked to my sister, “It’s incredible. I’m 64 years old and fitter than I’ve ever been!” , Ten days, living and working at minus 27 degrees Celsius, and I never felt physically strained. I believe Mr Mears himself was just a little impressed.

Stephen Johnson 64 years young Eccles

Stephen and Ray Mears (Ray's the one on the left! © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Stephen and Ray Mears (Ray’s the one on the left! © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

      • Stephen and Ray Mears (Ray’s the one on the left! © Sadhana Yoga Pictures


Chloe © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Chloe © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“I started classes initially for anxiety and back issues. I was also practising in Stockport but had moved to Eccles and wanted to find something locally.

I was going through a very emotional time when I first joined Sadhanas classes and I was looking for calm and quiet but found so much more. In the past I have berated, punished and hated my body for not being a certain way but after coming to practice yoga and Pilates with Sadhana I view my body in a totally different way.

I love the sessions and am much stronger emotionally and physically as a result.

Now I can appreciate its physical strength and have found an inner strength and confidence that I didn’t know was there and can face things that I didn’t know I could.

So I thank you Sadhana for the techniques she has taught me to make me strong (even though I complain!!!) and for the meditation that has brought my mind peace.

I totally recommend Sadhana’s classes and rave about you to anyone that will listen. I don’t feel that there are any barriers (other than my shifts, which are hopefully soon to change) . Its good that she has lots of Yoga and Pilates classes most evenings its great to have this choice so I can fit in the classes around my shifts!!

I am very comfortable in your sessions!! I could go on for ages but please know that I really value our practice.”

Chloe x


© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Exercise is important to me. I always attended aerobic high impact types of classes and was aware that I needed to explore a different type of exercise. I felt that my strength was failing and as though I could not keep up.

My hypothyroid condition went undiagnosed for a period of time which resulted in a sluggish metabolism, weight gain and balance problems. I started walking which I found beneficial and then also commenced pilates. I discovered very quickly that there was much more to gain from pilates than just the physical exercise.

Sadhana welcomed me into the class whilst allowing me to find my own spot within the group. I have attended Sadhana’s pilates class regularly since February 2018. Practicing pilates has helped me through this challenging year. I also identified several years ago that in order to support the children and families that I care for in work that I also need to be able to support myself first. I often think of Sadhana’s quotes i.e. “I am breathing in, I am breathing out” in my day to day work.

I have recommended a friend to Sadhanas classes and also inspired my none exercising sister to take up pilates. Attending pilates inspired and gave me the courage to complete a pilgrimage in Bosnia facing my fear of heights, I was able to put into practice the techniques and advice that Sadhana shares in her classes.

I feel physically and emotionally stronger after attending pilates and my posture and digestion have improved.

I feel fortunate to have these sessions local to my home and I plan to continue pilates and meditation for as long as I can.

Thank you

Mary Blair, age 54, Swinton


Sarah Evans © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

My name is Sarah Evans and I live in Eccles. I am 49 years old.

I have been attending Sadhana’s pilates and yoga classes for over 12 years now. I remember seeing an article in the Salford Advertiser saying the classes were going to start so I was actually at the first class that Sadhana ran in Eccles.

From day one I loved the classes. Sadhana is very knowledgeable and caring and makes her classes fun as well. There are no cliques in her classes – everyone is made welcome whatever age,sex,size and ability they are. Her classes cater for everyone and you can go at your own pace and work to your own ability while being challenged at the same time.

I used to suffer with back problems but not any longer since starting pilates. My posture and strength have improved 100% and I am more aware of my body now and how to breathe properly. I also sleep better when I have done pilates. Over the years I have been to many classes that Sadhana has taught – Pilates , Yoga , Candlelight Yoga , HIIT classes and weekend retreats. I have also taken part in her fundraising days and sampled her Mum’s amazing samosas.

Over the years I have had health issues which have meant having to stop excercising for a while but I have always come back to Sadhana’s classes and been welcomed back. Everyone is so friendly. Sadhana will also help you adapt any excercise around any injury or health issue you have.

In October 2016 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and had to have emergency major surgery to remove a large tumour plus a full drastic hysterectomy at the same time. The surgery I had dealt with the cancer and I did not need any further chemotherapy. Encouraged by my physiotherapist I came back to pilates classes around 9 weeks after my surgery. Sadhana knew my situation and helped me to adapt some of the excercises I couldn’t do. It have now been 4 months since my surgery and I am now able to do all the things I could do before the operation. My physio and I put this quick recovery mainly down to the fact that I was strong before from my years of Pilates and having a strong core and pelvic floor has meant that I have been able to recover quickly.

I will always do pilates – weight bearing excercise is so important for everyone but especially for women around the time of the menopause as I am now. You can join me in “hot flush corner” !!

I would encourage anyone to do pilates and yoga with Sadhana if they can. It has helped me so much andI look forward to my weekly classes.

Sarah, Eccles


melissa © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
melissa © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Having done pilates on and off for 5 years, I started pilates classes with Sadhana about 9 months ago after spending a long time trying to find a local and reasonably priced class that suited me. Almost immediately I started noticing the positive impact the classes had on my health and wellbeing. I have suffered from chronic shoulder and neck pain since I was a teenager and also struggle with stress, anxiety and low energy levels, all of which are compounded by the physical and mental demands of my job in management.

Since joining Sadhana’s classes, my body has become significantly stronger and more toned and I have even lost weight. More recently, I have noticed the constant shoulder and neck pain I usually experience has almost completely gone for the first time in 10 years. Mentally and emotionally, the techniques we learn in classes have helped me manage my stress and anxiety both at work and at home. I always look forward to coming to classes as Sadhana always creates such a welcoming and relaxing environment for new and old friends alike.

The warm environment mean Sadhana gives one-to-one advice throughout the class – something I really appreciate as I try to improve my technique. She is friendly but challenging and always encourages everyone to do their best and work at their own pace. With Sadhana’s help and support I have been able to master moves I previously couldn’t do and with every class my confidence grows. I would recommend Sadhana’s classes to anyone (and regularly do!) regardless of age, fitness level or previous experience – her classes are welcoming to all.
See you at class x

Melissa, 25, Salford


I have been suffering with lower back and Coccyx problems for the last couple of years and had got to the stage of needing Cortisone injections when Pilates was recommended to me by both the physio and doctor, so I thought I’d give it a go!

Sometimes I find the sessions tough, a proper work out, but Sadhana is great and supports you to push as hard or as little as you are feeling up to that session. She encourages you to listen to your body and do what it can and not to overdo it. It’s a really sociable atmosphere in class, we have great fun and there’s often a giggle or two!

I started to notice an improvement in my lower back within just a couple of weeks, the constant discomfort was starting to ease and has continued to improve ever since. I’ve also noticed the rest of my body and core getting stronger and more toned which is great!

I began Pilates classes and I’ve not had to go back for any treatment or cortisone injections so I would definitely recommend to anyone suffering similar problems!

I’ll see you later on for Pilates!

Becky © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Becky © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Becky 28 Monton x



robbie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
robbie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I’m Robbie, 54 years on this small blue ball, the last 22 living in Monton. A few years ago I had a massive upheaval in my life, linked to depression and anxiety, so I was looking for ways to stay positive and keep myself from worrying about the future. Cycling and exercise of any form always seemed to improve my feelings and I also knew my core strength needed improvement so pilates seemed the way forward.

A quick interweb research led me to Sadhana and with more than a little trepidation off went an email. And very shortly back came the very positive reply; come on down!

More than a bit nervous I went along to the first evening class; Wednesday evenings fit nicely into my week and the Quaker House meeting room is roughly half-way on my ride home from work.

I was never a really sporty type and hated the traditional games and gym during later years in schools back in the UK. I am also quite self-conscious, finding it difficult to “let go” at times and relax, so you can imagine how my head felt when walking into the room for the first time, in cycling kit, on my ride home from work

As it turned out, what was I worrying about? With the mix of both men and women (so not the only man in the group) the mix allows for a friendly atmosphere

Sadhana has such a huge, welcoming and beaming smile no matter what’s going on outside. Even though I take time out from the classes during the main racing season from May to September it’s always a welcome, and welcomed, return when I pop my head back round the door, from Sadhana and everyone.

Sadhana’s classes are based on kindness and compassion and she always gives a friendly, warm welcome to everyone. She caters for everyone, newbies and regulars alike; you go at your own pace working to your own ability whilst being challenged at the same time. No cliques, no competition; yes, hard-work, but always with smiles, laughter and banter; along with the odd (inevitable) grunt, groan, clicking and creaking joints and a genuine sense of FUN.

Pilates exercises are taught to all and with modifications for everyone Sadhana encourages you to find your own pace; you soon learn that comparing yourself to others is just a waste of time and energy; there are always people who can do a particular pose more easily than you, there are people who can’t (but are working towards the same goal). A really positive ethos and something I subscribe to in my cycling, encouraging others without resorting to out and out competition. The classes are never the same from one week to the next and often there are new exercises so there is never a dull moment

I used to suffer quite badly with lower back problems after an old injury but since starting pilates I noted definite improvement, even within the first few weeks. And after the first full winter of classes, the following year was one of my best for my cycling and time trialling in particular. I found myself able to hold the position required to ride fast much easier and less painful by the end of a race or riding up long climbs without having to stop with lower back pain. Saying that, here is still room for improvement, particularly as the other extreme is a fairly sedentary job sitting for long periods at a computer workstation during the normal working week, not something that encourages a good posture as we now know and understand (shoulders down, neck long, head up!!).

On top of the physical aspects and improvements, the classes help to calm into my mind; once the class starts I concentrate on the ‘here and now’ of the exercises; something hard to do during the usual hustle and bustle of my day job as a project manager.

Mentally and emotionally, the classes have helped me manage my stress and anxiety both at work and at home.

Overall, there are exercises and positions that I can do now that initially I couldn’t so I have, and am, definitely improving. I am always glad I have attended a class and find I ride away relaxed with a sense of accomplishment having improved my physical and mental well-being.

Sadhana is an excellent teacher and friend. It has been said elsewhere, but yes, we are indeed very lucky to have such a beautiful happy person who genuinely cares for everyone.

Mary Salmon

Mary Salmon© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Mary Salmon© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending pilates with Sadhana two years ago, hoping to improve my physical health as I was feeling generally out of shape and run down.  I’d tried other pilates and yoga classes before but had always found them to be stuffy, competitive, serious and intimidating.  Sadhana’s classes have none of these qualities; she is friendly and welcoming to each and every member and keeps the class smiling and laughing – even when we have to work hard!  What’s really great about it is that it’s a complete mix of abilities and Sadhana recognises that we all have good and bad days, so there is never an expectation to do more than you feel able to.  Sadhana exphasises the importance of listening to our bodies and not trying to compete with other people in the room which, for me, is a really positive ethos.  I always feel exhilarated after each class and I particularly love the relaxation part at the end!

About nine months in I experienced some difficulties with my physical health, requiring surgery, and this had a knock-on effect on my emotional wellbeing.  Sadhana was very sensitive to my needs and she was hugely supportive during this time.  Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how different yoga and pilates moves can benefit each part of the body is impressive; through one-to-one sessions Sadhana devised a sequence to complete at home to improve my recovery and I found that it really did work for me.

Gradually I began to attend yoga, yin yoga and meditation sessions. I found that these sessions have not only benefitted me physically, but also my mental wellbeing has improved immensely as Sadhana teaches us to clear the clutter from our minds and find peace in the moment.  I absolutely love yin yoga – two hours sounds like a long time but it really does fly by and it is very relaxing.

I’ve found it extremely rewarding to see improvements in both my body and my mind over the last two years and I now practice regular yoga and meditation at home if I am not attending a class.  I always recommend Sadhana’s classes to my friends, so if you’re toying with whether to try a class or not I’d say go for it – you won’t look back & you’ll make some good friends in the process!

Mary, 36, Eccles.

You can imagine how my head felt when walking into the room for the first time, in cycling kit, on my ride home from work


 Alison © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Alison © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

What can I say about Pilates…… I love it!!

I started Sadhana’s Pilate classes about two years ago, when I was involved in a car accident and had a bad lower back.
I was a little bit worried at first, as I had never done Pilates before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but my worries were soon put at ease!

I attended Sadhana studio for a couple of 1:1’s which I found very useful and then I started to attend weekly at Monton.
Sadhana’s classes are extremely friendly and she is very welcoming.

There are mixed ages, both men and women attend and it does not matter your size or ability, the class suits us all………
Since I started Pilates my back and posture has improved and I feel a lot healthier within myself…… I always leave the class each week feeling a whole lot better, certainly more than when I walked in!

One of my favourite parts to Sadhana’s classes is when she talks in her smooth, calming manner about looking after yourself from the inside as well as the out!! And the importance of breathing properly and looking after ourselves…….. She has a very controlled, peaceful and relaxing manner and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the human body.

I would certainly recommend Sadhana’s classes, either Pilates or yoga and I would like to thank Sadhana for her fabulous classes each week.”

Alison Forshaw aged 40


Carol © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have been attending sadhanas yoga and Pilates classes for over a year . A friend of mine who I go running with recommended Sadhana’s classes to me and said how much she enjoyed it and how it had helped with her running.

I do both her Pilates and Yoga classes and now know what my friend meant.

Since attending my body feels more toned and stronger which really benefits my running so much so that I have signed up to do a half marathon in October!

Yoga has definitely made my body more flexible and is a good way to switch off from a busy day to day life. I look forward to Pilates and yoga each week.

Sadhana’s classes are relaxed and friendly and a lovely atmosphere and Sadhana always makes you feel welcome. I would recommend it to everyone!

Carol Harper 48 from Swinton


Claire Warburton © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Claire Warburton © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Following the birth of my daughter, I was diagnosed with a few different medical conditions – a heart arrhythmia, a bleeding disorder and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. These conditions cause me a variety of problems including daily pain. There is no cure but you can manage it, I was told by my specialist in 2013 I had to do regular Pilates else I could end up in a wheelchair! This obviously gave me quite a shock and I wasted no time in finding a Pilates instructor. I was told I needed to find a level 3 teacher.I contacted a few Pilates instructors prior to finding Sadhana and they all said they wouldn’t be able to help specifically for my condition and didn’t feel knowledgeable enough. When I first contacted Sadhana she explained she was more than qualified to teach me and had experience and knowledge about anatomy and how the body works. Even from our first phone call I immediately felt relieved to have found someone who knew what they were talking about and felt confident they could help. I started seeing Sadhana once a week privately.

Prior to seeing Sadhana, I was suffering with terrible back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, insomnia and generally felt quite low and fed up. I also worried about the future and the possibility of ending up in a wheelchair. Within the first few weeks, my emotional state was so much better. Sadhana gives me confidence and motivates me to believe in myself and to be mindful of the body. Even after the first few sessions, I felt confident my daily pains would improve. And they have!

I do still have joint pain, mainly after working, but it has drastically improved since seeing Sadhana. I have suffered a few different health complications this year and at times I haven’t been able to do all the exercises we usually do. This never phases Sadhana, she just adjusts the lesson accordingly and gives different exercises or breathing techniques to suit me on that day.

I always feel better after seeing her! My lower back, in particular, feels much stronger and I have much less pain in this area. My posture also feels better and overall I feel stronger and confident. I have much more strength and can now do exercises I never thought I’d be able to do! I have to do Pilates every evening and even though it can be hard fitting it in I always feel better after doing it.

I would absolutely recommend Sadhana, I truly believe she can help anyone feel better and improve both mentally and physically. Sadhana makes you feel incredibly at ease. I have 121’s at Sadhana’s home and it is a lovely relaxing place to be, so welcoming. There’s always soothing music on and incense burning. Sadhana has such a great sense of humour and is so genuine, you never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. She also regularly adds new exercises and changes things so I never get bored.

I have a 121 with Sadhana once a week and I really look forward to it. I can talk to her about anything and ask her advice, she is always there for me, whatever problems I’ve had. She really takes the time to listen, I never feel like I’m being rushed. I have much more energy after starting Pilates. Her knowledge is incredible, most recently when I had a separated shoulder, Sadhana took the time to go through what it meant and how all the joints and tendons worked. I learnt far much more from Sadhana than any of the doctors I’d seen for it! Out of all the medical professionals and specialists I see, Sadhana is the one person I completely trust to be honest with me and to have my best interests at heart. She really pushes me and doesn’t tiptoe around me or treat me differently, she’s tough – in a good way! Sadhana is inspirational, knowledgable and I see her as my friend, not just my Pilates teacher 🙂

Claire Warburton, 34 , Helmshore, Rossendale


Jean © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Jean © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started the Wednesday drop in Pilates class after a friend picked up a leaflet advertising the classes. I was happy to join her as the timing fitted in well after work and I was completely out of any sort of exercise habit (to be honest I’d never really got into the habit to start with!)

When I started the classes I wasn’t particularly conscious of any serious health problems and put my general aches and pains, stiffness, broken sleep and lack of energy down to my age and busy work and home commitments. I think this was why I was – and continue to be – totally amazed at the difference Pilates has made. I didn’t realise I had any right to feel this well!

I’d had an arthroscopy some years before and although I was pain free I’d been told that I would need a knee replacement in the future, but it was only after coming to classes that I realised I’d subconsciously been avoiding bending at the knees for years. Well, after 3 years of Wednesday squats and lunges with not so much as a twinge from my knee, I know my legs are stronger and my joints feel all the better for it.

After sitting for long periods at a computer I am now also much more conscious of my posture and I can be out shopping and hear Sadhana’s voice gently advising me to drop my shoulders and lengthen my neck and the tension I didn’t know was there just magically floats away.

I love the sessions (but please don’t tell anyone!!) We all gasp, groan and grumble as we collapse after being ‘encouraged’ by Sadhana to give each exercise our best shot but we all keep coming back for more and not just for the lovely ‘sleep time’ complete with warmed lavender eye pillows, which is everyone’s favourite bit,

Against a quiet backdrop of meditative music and relaxing incense, I find the classes have a wonderful blend of energy, concentration, unspoken camaraderie… and silliness.

I like the way Sadhana manages to dream up so many different sets of exercises and stretches, which means that however long you’ve been coming it still feels fresh.

It’s hard to think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from Pilates especially the brilliant way Sadhana teaches as she doesn’t have levels, and offers alternatives for each exercise and personal guidance where people need it.
There is nice mix of friendly people at the class I go to, with different levels of experience, from none to lots, and there is a very open, welcoming and positive atmosphere. Also because Sadhana insists everyone listens to their own bodies, there is no sense of competition and no barriers to anyone taking part, in full, right from the start.

I find that once the class starts and right through to the relaxing, but energising end I don’t (cant’) think about anything other than what we are doing, and as someone whose mind is usually flitting between a dozen things, I feel calmer, as well as fitter by the time I leave.

I feel very lucky to have found Sadhana and her classes and would heartily recommend anyone and everyone to come and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Jean (Rollinson) age 60 and live in Swinton


It’s been over three years now since I joined Sadhana’s Pilates class, I’m so glad I did. It has given me the ability to clear my head of everyday clutter & find emotional calm.

Pilates is all about breathing which this has improved my fitness and helps me to sleep better. I feel stronger physically and have noticed my body has become  more toned.

Sadhana is a fabulous teacher very knowledgeable & welcomes everyone to class. There are no barriers in class as everyone is welcome regardless of age sex ,physical fitness or body shape /size.

The best thing is there is no competition everyone goes at their own pace. I would recommend the classes to everyone try it you will not be disappointed. See you there.

Denise Toft age 57 from Irlam.

Denise © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Denise © Sadhana Yoga Pictures


Liz © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Hi I’m Liz, I am 53 years old. I am a busy person with many interests and commitments both to work and especially family life. I am always looking for ways to introduce some calm into my life. Sadhana’s Pilates classes were recommended to me and I began attending approximately 3 years ago. I thoroughly enjoy the classes and always leave feeling energized and able to face the week ahead. I wish I had time to attend twice a week but that’s something for the future!! I enjoy exercising but I am not a gym person so the toning and stretching are perfect for me.

I enjoy the encouragement Sadhana gives along with the humour, but never are you asked to do anything that does not feel right for you and your body; there is always an alternative exercise available. I always sleep well after a class. Attendance at the classes can vary as Sadhana offers a flexible menu of classes on different days but there is always an element of fun and no barriers to age or ability.

After attending the Pilates classes for a while I decided to try the meditation session, now this is the place to find calmness. It really does give you the chance to step back from the hustle and bustle going on in your brain. The teachings are all so transferable to daily life and I have used the techniques many times. Recently I had some invasive dental treatment during which I used the breathing techniques I had been taught. The dentist said she had never performed the process on any one so calm before!! All thanks due to Sadhana. I have recommended Sadhanas classes to family and friends and will continue to do so.

Liz x


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Martin Crossley © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I must confess that I find it rather difficult to write a testimonial for Sadhana, without it reading as if I am the President of her fan club.

Nevertheless, it is totally unavoidable as it is an undeniable fact that Sadhana is a brilliant teacher, and her Pilates class – which I attend on Thursday evenings at the Monton venue – is both enjoyable and beneficial, in terms of strengthening the core muscles and, hence, improving your entire well-being.

Sadhana is extremely knowledgeable about the body and also very caring about the student, ensuring that nobody overstretches to the point of sustaining physical injury. At the same time, however, students are encouraged to push themselves to the best of their abilities in order to gain the maximum benefit.

As with all sports and forms of exercise, of course, you get out what you put in, and after being involved in competitive athletics for nearly 20 years – before retiring several years ago – I find that attending Sadhana’s Pilates class gives me an ideal opportunity to work hard whilst retaining a good level of fitness and health, and it also complements my visit to the gym on Friday evenings.

Sadhana’s Pilates class costs £6 for a one hour session, which is very good value; in fact, I am at the wrong end of 50 now and therefore actually qualify for Sadhana’s reduced rate of £5 but I choose to pay the extra without reservation, because she is well worth it. I can pay Sadhana no greater compliment than that but, oh dear Sadhana, Oasis?? I think I need to reserve judgment on that one.



Frances © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Frances © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started Pilates as I suffer with mild arthritis in various joints so I needed to improve my body strength to help slow down the effects of the arthritis as long as possible, also I usually struggle to get a good nights sleep and felt the exercise would help with this problem.

SInce joining Sadhanas class the problems in my lower back are nowhere near as bad as they were, my right shoulder isn’t as stiff and painful as it was. and my knees are beginning to feel stronger since I joined the class, I can definitely feel the difference.

During class you are encouraged to push yourself but are never made to feel under pressure to keep going if you reach the point where you need to stop doing a  particular exercise , also you are given the choice of doing either the easier or harder version of each exercise and are never made to feel uncomfortable whichever option you choose.

I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone, if you are unsure just try it …………I did and I love it……… I have the added bonus of sleeping like a log after the class……….heaven !! The atmosphere in the session  is relaxed and friendly everyone is made to feel very welcome whatever your age,  size. shape or gender.

Sadhana really takes care of you while you are in her class, she demonstrates each exercise,  and explains what muscle group you are using and the benefits you will see, she will help you when you need pointing in the right direction, but still manages to make the class fun.

Frances Woodcock  Salford


Cath © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Cath © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I was a very active person up until March 2013 when I prolapsed a disc in my neck. After a short time being in severe pain I underwent surgery and began my recovery.My neurosurgeon recommended Pilates, something that I knew little about but was prepared to give it a go !!

A friend mentioned Sadhana , how she was both helpful and professional so I gave it a go !!Following a couple of private sessions I joined her class in Monton with my friend Alison. Thursday is not the same any more and I struggle to get through the weekend if I miss my weekly session.

Not only have I increased my core strength, I feel more relaxed with a much better posture and an hour of mindfulness and calm. Sadhana is an excellent teacher and friend. She is considerate to everyone in her class and makes us work in a relaxed and safe environment.

I would recommend her classes both on an individual and group basis and look forward to spending time with her.I would love to have more time to attend her classes and hopefully this will be an opportunity for me in the future.

We are lucky to have a beautiful happy person who genuinely cares  for everyone.

Cath x


Wendy Manock © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I absolutely LOVE the Pilates class I currently attend.  The venue is The Quaker Meeting House, Wellington Road, Eccles, Manchester, a large carpeted and well-ventilated room with pleasant lighting.  The timing for my class is 1745 – 1845 hours on a Wednesday evening, which suits me fine, enabling me to be home by 1900 hours for my evening meal.  Sadhana Ali, the Pilates Tutor, ALWAYS makes me feel very welcome, her smiley face lights up the room.  I enjoy the interaction with other class members, ranging in age from 20+ to my age of 70+.

I originally attended one of Sadhana’s Pilates classes, at a previous venue in 2007, when my husband spotted an advertisement for the class.  I know I benefit hugely from the exercises offered, competition is not an issue, each class member participates to the best of their own ability.

I would strongly recommend attending Pilates classes, core strength, efficient breathing, good posture and general well-being is achievable for all, whether male or female and we all know how women, particularly, benefit from weight-bearing exercises to keep our bones healthy and strong.

The class commences with several minutes of warm-up and we complete our session with several minutes of quiet time to unwind and relax before we cheerily say goodbye to our friends until the following week.
Wendy Manock Eccles


Diane Cullis © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I am 63 years old and have been attending a Pilates class at the Quaker Meeting House at Eccles on a Wednesday at 5.45pm for a number of years now.  Before this I used to attend Sadhana’s Pilates class being held at the Cornerstone Centre, Langworthy Road, Salford.

I initially started these classes after having been advised by an Osteopath that the exercises would help my back problems.

I didn’t realise at that time how Pilates would not only help my back problems, but would improve my physical and emotional well being immensely.

Sadhana is very welcoming and has a lovely disposition.  She will listen to and understand any problems and is always aware of what your body can or cannot do.  I have recently been diagnosed with early osteoporosis so her understanding has been really helpful.

The atmosphere at the classes is very relaxing and any new members are always made to feel welcome.  Age or shape are never mentioned and I have gained confidence by attending these classes and made lots of new and sincere friends.

I look forward to going every week and if I cannot go I really miss it.

My back, core stability and overall well being is much better and stronger and I can honestly say that the Pilates classes and the people there have had a big effect on my day to day life.

I would definitely recommend Sadhana’s classes to anyone regardless of age,sex or shape.
Diane Cullis Salford


Kevin © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I am 42 and I live in Swinton. I have been attending the Tuesday night group at 5.45 for over a year now. Pilates was recommended to be by my neurologist, who thought it would be good for the restricted movement in my joints. I have had problems with neurological illness for twenty years. I often have high levels of anxiety due to these problems. Lack of movement due to the illness and doing work at a computer had resulted in me gaining weight also.

The classes are really helpful, they are not overlong and Sadhana balances difficult movement with relaxation very well.She is a great teacher and includes everyone in the class, catering for the wide level of ability from beginners to people who have been doing Pilates a while.

I have changed my posture, built my muscle tone and lost weight. My hips are now much more flexible. I always leave the classes with a sense of accomplishment. I am more relaxed and confident about my body.

I am one of a few men in the group but exercising with the ladies is no problem and I would recommend Pilates to anyone especially other men. If its good enough for Ryan Giggs its good enough for me.
Kevin Eccleston


Louise Griffiths © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I booked 4 individual sessions of Pilates (shared with my sister) followed by the intention of attending weekly 1-hr Pilates classes in May 2012. I chose private sessions as I wanted to get the most information and advice possible from Sadhana and the chance to ask a lot of questions, especially because of my medical history and my particular long-standing medical problem (severe and chronic lower back pain).

I also wanted Sadhana to get to know me and my medical problems, in order to know how best to advise and teach me on the various Pilates exercises to make sure I do the moves correctly. I will feel more confident in the group classes knowing that she is aware of my particular physical limitations.

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for many years and the level of pain and disc degeneration is gradually getting worse, showing the beginnings of arthritis. This medical condition is forcing me to make lifestyle changes, which makes me feel like I am giving into my condition. I had started to feel that my back problem is now stopping me from doing things I would otherwise have enjoyed (For ten years I used to go running). I also have a sedentary job and am aware that lack of exercise is the worst thing for someone with lower back pain. A friend had suggested taking up yoga but I felt this would be too strenuous for me (and too expensive!).

However, at the suggestion of my doctor and physiotherapist, I agreed to try Pilates with my sister (who has had lessons with Sadhana before) in the hope that it would help me to manage my back pain, improve my sleep quality and hopefully result in a better quality of life both, now and into my old age, as I am terrified of becoming immobile with my back problem.

So far I have attended 4 individual sessions (lasting 90 minutes), which I have shared with my sister. I have not yet started the weekly group classes. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, with incense and quiet music to help with relaxation and focus on the work we do in the session. Sadhana is extremely patient – taking the time to explain things as we go through the lesson and answering our many questions along the way. Her obvious enjoyment of what she does comes across very clearly. She is very motivational and encouraging. She is also very knowledgeable and can see immediately if I am not doing something correctly! Her willingness to take time to explain things during the class helps me to understand the whole concept of Pilates.

I realise that Pilates is far more subtle and complex than I first imagined and it’s very easy to do the movements incorrectly without even knowing it. Taking the individual classes (and thus gaining a lot more individual attention throughout the lesson) has helped me to learn how to do the movements correctly; those 90 minutes go past very quickly!

I am hopeful that if I continue to attend classes on a weekly basis and also try to do daily exercises at home, I will start to notice an improvement in my broken sleep, as well as a reduction in pain on a daily basis. On an emotional level, I feel better about my future, knowing that I am taking action NOW to promote a better quality of life in my old age.

I would definitely recommend to others and Sadhana made both myself and my sister feel very comfortable and relaxed in our lessons. I didn’t feel any embarrassment or awkwardness about taking up Pilates at my age (47) even though I am very self-conscious about my body and I also find it very hard to “let go” and relax. I hope I will feel the same way when I start the weekly group classes.

The group classes @ £6 per 1-hour or £5 block booking in  Pilates is very good value for money! Although the individual lessons cost more, my sister and I certainly got our money’s worth from the time we spent with Sadhana learning the art of Pilates.
Louise Griffiths, Stockport


Coral Sirett © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started going to the Monday 6.30pm Pilates class since 2012.

I used to do yoga  and wanted to try something new.  I was interested in making my body stronger, particularly my core, to help with training for a marathon.

I really enjoy the classes, especially now that I am more able to do some of the exercises.  The Quaker Meeting House in Eccles is a really good venue, just off the motorway.  There is plenty of space for us all and it is comfortable, whatever time of year.  Sadhana is clearly very knowledgeable about all aspects of Pilates and anatomy. She is very good at creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

I have been able to adapt some of the exercises to do on a daily basis at home, to assist with toning and strengthening.  There are certain exercises and positions that I can do now that initially I couldn’t so I am definitely stronger and more flexible than when I started. I am always glad I have attended a class and I find I am relaxed at the end of it.  It is good to know I have worked my body hard.

And I would definitely recommend Sadhana’s classes. All her sessions are suited for all regardless of shape, size, age etc its a class that everyone can benefit from.
Coral Sirett 40 Eccles


Caroline Stewart © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have been attending Sadhana’s Monday Pilates class for about 18 months. It was recommended by a friend and I was interested as I was looking to add more variation to my fitness routine, I was doing a lot of weight training, but I really felt that my core needed strengthening. I was also getting tension headaches and wanted to learn more about breathing techniques for relaxation.

What I enjoy most about the classes is the relaxed friendly atmosphere Sadhana creates, and the fact that there is no competition, everyone works to their own pace and ability. Sadhana always takes the time to show us different options of each move to cater for bad backs etc, so you know you’re never going to do a move that’s not right for you. It’s a lot of fun, but you’re working hard and you certainly feel it the next day!

It’s really encouraging to see your strength improve week to week, and since attending the classes my core has strengthened and tightened up considerably, I have definition in my stomach and arms now that I never got with weight training alone. I also practice the breathing techniques and back stretches at night and they have really improved my sleep and stress levels. I’d definitely recommend Sadhana’s classes, I have recently moved 15 miles away, but I still come to the class as I don’t want to go to anyone else!
Caroline Stewart, 38, Stockport.


I started the Pilates classes in 2011 and attend the Wednesday 5.45pm classes.

I started Pilates to help with my lower back and find the classes very enjoyable, as everybody is friendly; the venue (Quaker Meeting House in Eccles)  is local to me, which is convenient.

Sadhana is an excellent teacher who puts everyone at ease, is very knowledgeable and gives careful consideration to the group’s well-being and safety, and she is also FUNNY!!

I have gained some strength and flexibility since starting the class and  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sadhana’s classes to others.

I would think that anybody would feel the benefit of Sadhana’s classes. Why not just come along and give it a try – I did.
Ellen Sutcliffe (62), Salford


Jane Mayman © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have attended Sadhana’s Monday night Pilates class for about two years. Having previously done yoga for many years I decided to try Pilates to help relieve stress, maintain flexibility and get back a bit of muscle tone after having a baby.

I meet up with a couple of old friends at the class and find it a great way of maintaining these friendships in my busy life as a working mother. It is such a friendly and welcoming class that I am just as happy to go alone when my friends are busy.

Sadhana’s extensive knowledge of anatomy means she can address any niggling aches and pains and ensure that you are correctly working to improve recovery from injury safely. It is a non competitive, supportive environment where you can feel totally at home and never judged. Sadhana’s positive outlook on life is contagious and I always leave the class feeling both mentally and physically better than when I arrived.

Jane Mayman 39 Monton


Valerie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I go to Pilates classes at the Quaker Meeting House, Eccles, every Wednesday. I find Pilates and yoga very beneficial and relaxing.

I am retired now but have a 94 year old mother, who suffers from chronic anxiety and confusion, who I attend to, along with support from carers. This can get very wearing and frustrating at times and this is where the relaxation and breathing that we have been taught helps. One needs to chill out!

I have been surprised to find that exercise is so important to me. I even joined a walking group 12 years ago and still enjoy my monthly hike. I was never a sporty type and hated games and gym at school. I started Pilates classes here about five years ago but previously had attended yoga classes at Wentworth High School and, before then, in my late 20’s, attended a yoga class in Walkden for a few years.

A couple of years ago I broke my wrist and injured my knee after falling during the snowy weather and I think my speedy recovery was due to my fitness level and body strength gained from this type of exercise. I find that I get rather stiff these days and therefore enjoy the stretching that is involved.

venue for the classes is excellent, the environment very comfortable, light and airy and the company is extremely pleasant.

Our lovely teacher, Sadhana, is professional and helpful and is attuned to different people’s physical capabilities and allows for them. She is also totally joyful and we all have such fun.
Val Hoath Eccles Age 65½


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Lorna Beech © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I attend Sadhana’s Pilates class on a Wednesday evening at 5:45 a.m. at the Quaker Meeting House in Eccles. This is a lovely venue. A bright and airy room in the summer months and a cosy room in the winter. I have been attending classes for approximately 4 years. I saw an advertisement in the Advertiser and decided that I would attend to see what Pilates was all about. I undertake different forms of exercise and thought that it might compliment the others. From the beginning I enjoyed it immensely.

Sadhana is a very good teacher and extremely knowledgeable about all parts of the body and often shares her expertise and gives valuable advice. I would say my posture has definitely improved since attending the classes and I have become more aware of my body. The classes are never the same. In fact, very often, Sadhana is showing us new exercises that we have never done before so there is never a dull moment.

I would thoroughly recommend if you are considering attending the class that you come along. All the students are very nice and friendly and I have made some lovely friends. There are no restrictions on age, sex, weight or ability. There is always an alternative to the exercise making no limitations. The atmosphere is very calming and at the end of the class I feel very relaxed.
Lorna Beech of Swinton


Helen Halbous © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I wanted to try Pilates for so many reasons. For a long time I thought “I’d love to have a go at that” and so one day, when I was completely fed up of my usual exercise and not looking forward to yet another blast on the treadmill, I took to google and found Sadhana!
My reasons were that I wanted to be flexible, stronger, leaner, challenge my body to do things my head said I couldn’t and find something that would add to my life, something that would make me feel different, calmer maybe?

I was sceptical about whether it would work; will it really change my physical appearance, will I be able to do it, will I enjoy it? Friends who had tried it were really positive so I decided to go along, try it once and make my own mind up. Well, once was all it took, I was completely hooked! Sadhana and everyone there were immediately friendly and welcoming. The non gym environment was very different for me but I really liked it, it was so relaxing and helped me to focus. Sadhana explained she doesn’t believe in levels. She encourages everyone to listen to their bodies and take it as far as they can. I was also really happy to take some time to think about how we breathe and how important that thing we take for granted really is.

Not being the smallest of girls, one of my worries was, would I feel body conscious? I can honestly say I never have. There are people of all different shapes, sizes and ages at Sadhana’s classes and everyone is there to do the same thing, to feel good. The classes have helped me to understand how my body works, what it needs and how to treat it better. While there, I am able to leave my busy day behind, clear my head and have an hour just for me. All of this has helped me to feel and look better. Every class leaves me feeling relaxed yet energised at the same time and honestly looking forward to the next.

Sadhana herself is of course a real inspiration. She has a way of knowing how far you can go and what your boundaries are, while still challenging you to make sure you get as much as possible from each and every class. She is incredibly calming yet motivating but it’s not all serious, we do have a bit of fun along the way! She has incredible anatomical and physiological knowledge and will always bear in mind any difficulties you may have and how you can feel better. She has a real, genuine interest in every person there and takes pride in seeing people progress and grow.

Pilates has changed my outlook on exercise. It’s not all about bouncing around and being breathless! Whilst that does still have a place in my weekly exercise, I also appreciate how vital stretching, mobilising my joints and core strength really are. It’s made me think about the body I want in the future, not just on the outside but on the inside too. I give way more thought to my health and well being now and yes, I am leaner, stronger, more toned and flexible but Pilates and Sadhana have given me so much more than that. I am happier and have learned that actually, that is what I was looking for…the rest is the path to getting there



I started Pilates based on my Osteopath recommendation. I had problems in leg which was affecting me spine too

I have found the Pilates exercises to help with the issues and the classes are easy to follow and each exercise is explained in detail so its clear and easy to understand

I love coming to class because it’s a very calm, meditative environment to be in. I recommend Pilates to everyone especially they’re looking to pursue an enjoyable exercise which is good for general health, more specific health problems and complementing other sports/activities which are demanding on the body, then yes, this is vital. As a bonus, it is also a good window into the realm of spirituality and/or meditation.

Sadhana definitely knows her stuff, but she’s one of the calmest, most approachable characters I’ve ever met.



Stephanie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Stephanie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I enjoy attending the classes because we work with effort and yet with care to our bodies. The movements are controlled and overtime I’ve felt my posture improving where I can extend my spine more than before. It became a reflex where suddenly I could extend my back from the bottom of my back to the back of my neck. In result I have no more pain on the top of my back and my breaths feel fuller too.

In parallel I also noticed that since I could control my posture better and breathe fuller my everyday singing in the bathroom or at my desk was more confident and in tune, this is a little practice that I do on my own only but it feels good to improve on several and many different levels 🙂

The weekly classes suit me perfectly and complement the cycling that I do as well. I leave the classes feeling realigned and in control of my emotions. I have every intentions to continue the classes to appreciate the benefits and to support my body and mind.

Many thanks for your expertise, the varied routine each week and for you attention to each of us attending.
Wishing you all the very best



Rebecca © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Rebecca © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started Pilates / Yoga after experiencing years of pain and discomfort from a range of arthritic and muscular problems mainly in my back. After weeks of not sleeping a whole night through I decided to do something about it and found Sadhana. Initially I started going to private sessions and then moved on to going to Yoga and Pilates classes twice a week.

To start with I was quite anxious about what to expect from a session and also about what I would be able to achieve. From the onset I found Sadhana to be friendly and welcoming and instantly she put me at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain why I might have been experiencing pain and how the exercises can help. She also makes you believe in yourself and even in that very first session I was able to do things that I never thought my body would let me do. Sadhana gives you firm encouragement but never pushes you more than you are comfortable to go. There is always another option when she is showing you an exercise and there is never any judgement about which one you decide to take.

I have a very busy working life so to be able to take time out for these classes has enabled me not just to improve my medical conditions but it has enabled me to find relaxation and calm. No matter how much Sadhana encourages you to work hard in the classes there is still an element of fun and relaxation which I have found has helped me to manage my stress levels greatly.

I have been attending classes since January and I can truly say that it has been life changing. I do still get pain especially at the end of a busy day, but I have not taken any pain killers since starting the classes and now regularly sleep through the night. Going to Pilates and yoga has not only increased my flexibility through stretching and toning but it has also given me techniques and strategies to manage my condition. I would recommend Pilates and yoga and more importantly Sadhana to anyone!

Rebecca Marshall, 29, Monton, Manchester.


Sarah Rowland & Alex © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending Sadhana’s Pilates classed in 2009 when I was pregnant with my third child. In my previous two pregnancies I suffered SPD (a painful pelvic condition) so I was determined not to suffer too much again. Through pilates and shiatsu I was able to remain pain free throughout my pregnancy, and through strengthening my core I was astounded that I could walk normally after giving birth, having had to resort to the use of crutches and a wheelchair following my previous two births.

During my pilates classes Sadhana taught me a variety of breathing techniques, including alternate nostril breathing which allowed me to stay focused throughout my labour.  I was able to have my third baby in the comfort of my own home without any chemical pain relief, by maintaining my breath control.
Following the birth of my son, Sadhana’s teaching of Pilates helped return my body to a non-pregnant state in a very short time.  Within weeks I felt my core muscles returning and my pre-baby figure returning!

I now attend yin yoga with Sadhana on a very regular basis.  I have found this to be one of the most valuable practices I have at present.  On a physical level it keeps my body supple, but this is peripheral to the emotional and spiritual benefits it has had upon my life.  It has allowed me to sit with post natal depression with kindness and compassion towards myself.  It has given me the strength to keep going when I have felt overwhelmed with life and it has given me the opportunity to sit with emotions such as anger and sadness when society encourages us to push them away.  I have developed a self awareness of my emotional state and am now able to manage my depression without drugs, bringing love and kindness to myself, however that self may be.

On a more personal level, my husband has recently started coming to yin yoga with me.  We have both found that Sadhana has a beautiful way of holding the space so that we are both free to be ourselves and to be at one with our emotional states.  This practice has made us closer as a couple and for the first time in a long time has allowed us to see the beauty not only within ourselves but within each other through our practice of yin yoga.
Sarah Rowland 34, Salford


Shashana © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending Sadhana’s classes as a way to fill my evenings when I gave up smoking in 2012 and I have totally fallen in love with Yin Yoga. The whole experience from the welcome at the door with a cup of tea to the chats at the end and all of the yoga in between have calmed me to my core.

I seem to have spent many years feeling frustrated with life “stuff” that was completely out of my control and yet would get under my skin and influence who I am but I am starting to let some of that go thanks to these fortnightly classes.

The classes are held in a calming room and you instantly feel as if you are with friends whether you have met the other students before or not. There are no barriers in the class except the ones in your head and these seems to diminish with each class so that I can just enjoy being there and letting my body and mind find their own comfort point.

I thought being a complete novice would hold me back but Sadhana encourages everyone to physically achieve the best for themselves and at every class I manage to accomplish a little more than in the previous one. I have never done anything like Yoga before and thought it was just for hippies but there are many different types of people there and I look forward to each class for at least 3-4 days ahead of time.  As well as improving my core strength and flexibility I feel as if I am starting to become a little calmer and less frustrated in both my personal and professional life.

I feel as if this has become a part of my life that selfishly I don’t want to give up now I’ve started and I know that if it wasn’t Sadhana’s class I would feel differently.
Shashana 38 Manchester


Liz Page © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Liz Page © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have been attending Sadhana’s yin yoga class for several years now. I chose yin yoga as I had developed a complicated neuromuscular disorder which affected how I could move and use my muscles, and the stronger yang yoga was no longer possible for me at that time.

I remember feeling very apprehensive when I approached Sadhana, as I had come off badly with other exercise professionals who thought they understood how to treat me – one left me in a wheelchair for months!

I explained my health issues to her and immediately found that here was someone who was invested in helping me, not just running a class.

I warmed to her instantly. She is kind, elegant, funny and one of the most deeply compassionate people I have ever met. Her classes are spiritual without religion or dogma, but we are encouraged to think about our connectedness and so classes become a way of developing our minds as well as our bodies as we use the postures to open ourselves, not just stretch our bodies.

Yin yoga is a deeply calming and relaxing practice, and each move is tailored by Sadhana to suit an individual need – she is tremendously knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology. I often have a completely different set of variations to the postures everyone else is doing, yet I feel fully integrated into the class. I feel supported and taken care of. Even so, you know you have done something useful for the body – I often feel like I go home an inch or two longer as I stretch out tired, stiff contracted muscles and have to ‘find my edge – and stay there…’ The body feels nourished from movement, not traumatised!

When I miss a class I forget how beneficial it is for me to go and do my practice. When I return I am struck again with the wonder of how good it feels to be in the calm of Sadhana’s studio and be with like minded people, trying to give ourselves time away from whatever ‘busyness’ usually takes us over. We relearn our breathing. I have used these techniques in invasive medical procedures and have been told they have never seen anything like it for having a completely relaxed patient to perform on!

I could write something standard which doesn’t relate how great Sadhana’s classes are – I don’t want to find they have filled up so I can’t get in! But that would be a disservice to someone who gives so much to us – to me.

Knowing Sadhana is a blessing in my life.


Katie and Ruben

Katie and ruben © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“I started going to Sadhana’s baby yoga class when Ruben was around 12 weeks old.
I had seen Sadhana’s class mentioned on Facebook in local area pages and always thought it would be a great class to attend and meet other mummies and babies as well as some much needed exercise for me whilst being able to spend time with Ruben.

I love the fact that the class is on a Monday morning as it’s such a lovely way to start the week, getting us up and moving.

The classes are actually quite hard at times and I do feel like I’ve had a good workout when I leave. I think when people hear the name “Mummy & Baby Yoga” they think it’s all about the baby and relaxing and soothing them but this class is different.

It’s focused on us mums and allows us to work out our bodies in a relaxed friendly environment with our babies which I find has been a great benefit to my post natal recovery.

It doesn’t just work out your body either, it helps with your mind and the breathing exercises that we practise at the end have helped me to relax more and deal with anxieties that come with being a new mum.
Sadhana is fantastic teacher, encouraging us and is just brilliant with the babies. She instantly makes you feel welcome and relaxed in the class.

I would most definitely recommend this class to any mums! I can’t think of a nicer way to start the week!”

Katie, 32 and Ruben from Worsley


” Hi Sadhana,
I attend the postnatal Pilates/baby yoga class on a Monday morning in Monton and what a fantastic way to start the week.

With my first child, I came to to classes with my fellow NCT mums and I was a bit nervous having never done Pilates or yoga before.

Sadhana made me feel very welcome and has given me a lot of encouragement in moves and pushing me to rebuild my strength. I am now back with baby number 2 and it is as fun as I remember.

The other mums are lovely, and supportive with any questions about babies. One of the best things about the class is just being able to stop and feed/change the baby at any point. If you’re in the middle of some stretches/lunges Sadhana will entertain the baby for you so you can get the workout you need.

The class is as hard as you want it to be so for the first few weeks I took it slowly and did the easier version of any moves but now I’m trying the harder ones and can feel such an improvement in my fitness.

We end the class with some meditation and it helps me to focus on myself rather than just 2 children which has become so important. If you’re wondering whether or not this class is for you, give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Both of my babies love being involved with me exercising and particularly love being on my shins doing leg raises.”

Lucy, Jacob and Hayley xxx

Kirsty and Louis

kirtsy and louis © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
kirtsy and louis © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“I started Sadhana’s pregnancy yoga when it became obvious my usual exercise classes didn’t cater for pregnancy.

My main goal was to stay fit and strong. I wanted to make sure I was ready for the birth. I had gestational diabetes so keeping active was important. Sadhana’s class was so relaxed and calm, it was lovely being surrounded by women in the same position (physically and metaphorically).

I was lucky and had a relatively easy pregnancy, even the diabetes didn’t cause any problems. Because of this I didn’t really think too much about what was coming and how things would change.

One of the surprising benefits I loved about the class was spending time thinking about my baby. I’d really not felt too emotional about it until that point. I’d been cautiously excited, given it was my first pregnancy, but the classes really helped me emotionally connect and mentally prepare for the birth and becoming a mother.

The birth was so fast (6 hours from realising I was in labour) I barely had time to think about what we practiced during class but it definitely helped me recover. I was back doing my pelvic floor exercises the same day.

I’ve since started the family yoga which Louis loves. It’s a great chance for me to get back into exercise while still being able to feed and cuddle him if he needs it.”


frank and Jenny © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
frank and Jenny © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“Frank and I started Sadhana’s baby yoga class when he was 8 weeks old and have rarely missed a session up until having to leave to go back to work/start nursey at 8 months.

It is a lovely, friendly, welcoming and supportive class and we will miss it!

We were looking for a class that would give me the opportunity to get some exercise and give us the chance to have some quality time together and meet others and this was perfect. It is a lovely start to the week. The other mums are lovely and there is a real sense of support amongst the group. Sadhana is a wonderful teacher, extremely knowledgeable and understands the issues new mums face! There is a laid back atmosphere and no problem if the babies are crying or need feeding or changing. There is a lovely balance of time between mums getting exercise and relaxation, and babies getting attention in terms of singing, massaging and moving around.

I have thoroughly enjoyed special bonding time with Frank at this class and would thoroughly recommend it. And coffee afterwards to have a good chat with the other mums!

Jenny (age 32) and Frank Short

Caroline and Baby Olivia

CAROLINE AND OLIVIA © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“I had attended Sadhana’s yoga and Pilates classes before I was pregnant so was keen to try her pregnancy classes.

I began the pre natal classes at 17 weeks pregnant. I had multiple reasons for joining the pre natal classes, 6 months prior to my pregnancy I’d had surgery to reconstruct the cartilage in my hip joint. It was important I remained as strong as possible throughout my pregnancy to maintain the strength and mobility in my hips, pelvis and spine.

Juggling full time work and a part time degree I found the classes a perfect way to escape and de stress and take some quality time for myself. I enjoyed meeting other mums to be and felt very comfortable and welcomed in each class.

I suffered with morning sickness and pelvic girdle pain but strongly believe the classes helped with these symptoms and enabled me to work in a very physical job until I was 38 weeks pregnant and also complete all my exams. I also found that I slept wonderfully after class.

My labour was 38 hours long but I was able to use the breathing techniques and the advice on movement and positioning Sadhana had taught me to remain focused.

Once my baby girl Olivia was born I was keen to return to yoga and joined the baby yoga class. I was apprehensive initially as Olivia was feeding very frequently, however I was welcomed into the class and made to feel so comfortable it didn’t matter if she needed feeding or had a little cry.
Olivia enjoys the classes as much as I do. They’re a lovely time to bond whilst improving my posture and strength. An added bonus is that Olivia sleeps wonderfully after class too.

I strongly recommend Sadhana to every pregnant lady!

Looking forward to being back in class with you soon
Many thanks “

Caroline and Olivia xx

Natalie and Baby Ronnie

NATALIE AND RONNIE © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started with Sadhana’s pregnancy yoga and pilates classes to stay active and help with aches during pregnancy. Especially to help with my sciatica and learn about pelvic floor.

I attend Sadhana’s Baby yoga with my little girl Ronnie, its a great class to meet new mums, and the bond between myself and Ronnie gained through prenatal, I felt it important to continue with baby yoga to continue to further my bond with baby and be supported by new mums.

I learnt how important pelvic floor exercises are not just during pregnancy but also post natal recovery and her exercises with yoga and pilates has helped with my sciatica too.

The most exciting thing has been to meet new mums and babies and it’s great to see some old faces from prenatal. Getting together on a Monday has been great mental post recovery, talking to others and knowing you’re not the only one!
Sadhana is careful at ensure post natal checks are completed and I felt safer in her care than at my 6-8 week GP check!

The mental benefit of attending both pregnancy and post natal classes has been immense for myself. I feel better after attending the classes and was prepared to attempt a natural birth and apply breathing techniques and felt connected to my baby before birth.
Attending the baby yoga has only intensified this for me and can’t thank Sadhana enough for having these classes!

I always and definitely recommend Sadhana’s classes to everyone and was mentioning the classes to my midwife and antenatal classes whilst pregnant. Everyone at classes is lovely and look forward to seeing you soon.

Natalie Walters 26


© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I found yoga about 2 years ago on a surf holiday. I wouldn’t really brand myself a ‘yogi’ and it’s not really about the physical for me, but about the stillness and mindset it provides. When I found out I was pregnant last year, I knew I wanted to provide this calm for my baby and me throughout my pregnancy, so looked for a local prenatal yoga class and found Sadhana.

The classes on a Friday evening were the perfect way to breathe away a week at work and focus on me and my unborn baby. It wasn’t always about bending and flexing your body but also the support and solidarity of the girls you practice with.

Even in my third trimester when everything ached and the last thing I felt like doing was rolling around on my mat, the pull of chatting about chips and cheese, laughing about how little pelvic floor we had done that week, chatting through our worries with positivity and eating biscuits with the girls got me in the car.

As a first time mum, I found the support and advice from Sadhana and the girls was enough to keep me positive about birth and to empower me to make decisions during my pregnancy. I was told that I had a large gestational age baby and was encouraged to have an induction, but I was determined to have a natural birth.

To help me prepare for the birth of my baby, I attended the additional birth prep class and convinced my other half to come with me. I am sure he would have rather spent an evening in the pub with his friends, but it was really important to me that he was involved and understood my preferences for birth as my birth partner. I think he actually got more from it than I did! I was so confident and calm about labour that I didn’t feel the need to attend any other antenatal classes. We used the techniques we learned to write our birth preferences in preparation for the big day.

I went into spontaneous labour at 40w and 3d. From the moment my waters broke, to the moment I welcomed our baby girl into the world I used techniques Sadhana taught me to stay calm and relaxed. Despite being sceptical, my mum and boyfriend were in awe of how calm I was throughout and are fully convinced that it was down to the hypnobirthing techniques learnt at sadhanas birth classes.

Whilst I couldn’t control the circumstances, yoga allowed me to control my mindset.I kept reminding myself of the mantra Sadhana taught me; when I am ok, my baby is ok. I used humming bee breath for the majority of my labour as I found it took me to a real place of focus and calm. I naturally found myself in the birth positions Sadhana recommended; it was like a primal instinct that you cannot explain. Mike and my mum instinctively knew when to remind me of my breathing and when to use massage to help my labour progress, which meant I only used gas and air during delivery. Even through a post-partum haemorrhage, I trusted my body and stayed calm. The female body is an incredible vessel and I am incredibly proud of my birth story and my post partum body. I found the whole experience completely empowering.

I cannot thank Sadhana enough for her help and support throughout my pregnancy and I am now attending mum and baby yoga; a whole different experience but the principals are still the same! I love starting my week with something positive.

Sadhana brings her energy, inspiration, positivity, realness and wicked sense of humour to every class she teaches. Whether you are a beginner or experienced yoga student, her unique ability to nurture, motivate and relate to her students makes her classes both a rewarding environment and experience.  She has a gift of making everyone feel at ease and knows when to challenge her students, as well as knowing when to allow them to find peace in the practice. I look forward to my yoga classes each week and I always leave feeling her practice feeling grateful and still.

Sadhana is a special teacher and I feel lucky to spend time on the mat with her.

I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone, particularly everyone that is having a baby . xx


Kate and Baby Ruby

postnatal, baby yoga, yoga, pilates
Kate & Baby Ruby © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Baby Ruby and I really enjoy Sadhana’s weekly post natal yoga class. It’s a great start to the week for both of us. Not only do I benefit from a good work out, but Ruby loves the attention that she receives during the exercises within the session, as well as the nursery rhymes, songs and baby massage. Sadhana has a really laid back attitude to the class. Babies are free to cry, feed and be changed whenever necessary. Sadhana is a great instructor who really knows her stuff. Ruby adores her, which is evident when I hand her over so I can really make the most of the yoga session!’ Kate x

Roz and Baby Abi

Ros & Baby Abi Cath © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Ros & Baby Abi Cath © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started going to sadhana’s baby yoga class when Abi was around 6 weeks old- the class had come highly recommended by a friend from my Ante natal class.

I was immediately made to feel very welcome- Sadhana is a wonderful yoga teacher and brings a lot of humour and fun to the class. I was surprised that I actually got a decent amount of yoga/ Pilates in myself- whilst the very young Abi would lie mesmerised by the Yoga and Pilates we grown-ups made as well as the action songs and music.

The class being on a Monday morning was a brilliant start to the week- the other parents are a sociable bunch and we would enjoy a coffee or lunch afterwards locally.

It has been by far my favourite baby group . Now that I’m a going back to work , I’ll miss my Monday morning yoga so much- as I’m sure abi will too! I’ve made some lovely new friends however and I hope to catch the occasional class using holiday to do so.

Thanks Sadhana ! X Cheers, roz x


 Baby Amoen © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Baby Amoen © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Sadhana’s prenatal yoga classes are held in a cosy environment at Sadhanas’ home studio with only a few other people, which makes it a perfect place to
relax your mind and stretch your body. Sadhana always checks whether mums to be have any special conditions, so that she can offer advice whether a
certain pose is suitable. I, for example, was diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain, which makes the ligaments around hips stretch out and cause pain.
Sadhana always provided me with alternative exercises if some were unsuitable for me and recommended other poses that I could also do at home
to improve my condition.

I also attended a private session on birth preparation with my husband. Sadhana was happy to prepare a class taking my husband’s disability into account and recommend us techniques that we could use during labour. It brought it home to us that we can work as a team during labour even though
my husband cannot use his right hand and much of his speech. We both felt more confident to face what was coming.

My labour was more complicated than normal as the baby was in back to back position, which makes the contraction pain focused in the lower back. Before going to the birthing centre my husband was a great help as he massaged the area every time a contraction came. Back to back position also
makes the pushing out stage more difficult as its not the most natural way for the baby to come out.

After 24h of being awake and throwing up all the food I had had, and nearly 3h of pushing, I had very little energy left. The midwife was telling me that if I cannot push the baby out within the next 15 minutes, they will have to use ventouse or forceps. I like to think that all those pelvic floor exercises that I did in prenatal yoga gave me the final strength to take myself together and push my baby out before any intervention was needed.

As I had enjoyed the prenatal yoga classes, I thought I’d give baby yoga a try as well. Not to worry, babies are not stretched and contorted into all sorts of yoga poses in the class. It is more focused on mothers with an added bonus that you can take your baby along.

Sadhana has skilfully incorporated babies into some of the exercises so that they too can feel included and entertained. My little girl loves to look around at other
mothers and smile at their babies while I can stretch myself out and get some exercise done”.

Mari-Lii & Baby Amoen )© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Mari-Lii & Baby Amoen )© Sadhana Yoga Pictures


Rina & Baby Hari © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Rina & Baby Hari © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I’d attended Sadhana’s pre-natal classes and as a result had a fantastic labour, so it was only natural that I started to attend the postnatal classes with my baby Hari after he was born in November 2012.

I found the class absolutely amazing for my pelvic floor exercises (I’d always forget to do them other than during classes!), and as I’d suffered with SPD and back aches, I felt much better after each class. They were also a great opportunity to bond with Hari, but as he got older it was great that he had toys to interact with.

The relaxed atmosphere made it so worthwhile to load up the pushchair and leave the house, as I could breastfeed or change Hari when needed. Sadhana is a wonderful teacher and always manages to incorporate smiles and laughter from her students during classes – very much needed for any new mum. I’ve also made some very good friends whom I’ve shared experiences of motherhood with.

For all the above reasons and more, I would recommend Sadhana’s pre and post
natal yoga and pilates classes to any parents-to-be or new parents.

Rina Bharath

Aged 35

Louise and baby Charlie

Louise & Baby Charlie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Louise & Baby Charlie © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I joined Sadhana’s baby yoga class when Charlie was 9 weeks old up until me returning to work when he was almost 1.

I thought baby yoga would be a great way for me to connect with my baby, and have fun! It seemed a good way to meet other mums too, and for Charlie to be around other babies in a relaxing environment. I was quite tense and stiff after labour and a busy few weeks with a newborn, so was looking forward to some exercise stretching and relaxation.

I have loved every minute of the classes, in fact it has been my favourite baby group of my maternity leave. Sadhana is a fantastic teacher, so knowledgeable and helpful. The other Mums in the group have all been very friendly, it has been lovely to connect with like minded people. The venue is perfect, a light airy room with plenty of parking.

There have been lots of benefits for us. I am definitely stronger, less tense and more relaxed. I think the group has also helped Charlie to enjoy being around other people. He loves the baby yoga movements, the massage, and the songs. I sing them at home and always get a big smile I would recommend the classes to any new Mums, I couldn’t think of a better start to a week than baby yoga on a Monday morning. I’ll miss it so much.

I was still a little overweight when I started the classes and have lost a few pounds now, but weight has not been a barrier at all. I think the class would suit all ages shapes and sizes!

Baby yoga has been a wonderful experience I’ll treasure forever.

Louise Phillips
Age 36

Tara and baby Aoife

Tara and baby Aoife © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Tara and baby Aoife © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

My daughter Aoife and I started attending baby yoga when she was six weeks old. Following her birth by emergency caesarean I was desperate to get out with Aoife, and after several weeks spent mainly in the house I wanted to attend a class where I would feel safe and supported in my exercise, and spend time with other mums and babies.

We really enjoy the class, and it is a real high point of our week. It is a wonderful way to start a Monday morning, and I always find Aoife has a lovely nap afterwards…it is probably the only time in the week where she will happily sleep during the day! Aoife seems to love watching the other babies, and adores being sung to and moved around during the class. Baby yoga gives our day a structure, and I always feel much better about myself when I have done something active. It also gives Aoife and I some lovely time together when we really enjoy each others company and have fun; I definitely feel more connected to Aoife as a result. It has helped to give me back a sense of my own identity, and I particularly appreciate the focus on the well being of mum as well as baby.

Sadhana is a great teacher, and makes me feel instantly calmer when we enter the class, even if the morning so far has been a bit fraught! It is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere, and because Sadhana is so knowledgeable and experienced I have always felt very safe exercising in the class. There are always options to take the exercises down a level if needed, and I have never felt that my post-pregnancy shape or fitness level was a barrier to the class.

I would definitely recommend the class to other parents and babies, and I hope to continue in the class for as long as possible until Aoife gets too big!

Tara Swanson
Age 29

Hayley and baby Arthur

Hayley and Baby Arthur © Sadhana Yoga Picture
Hayley and Baby Arthur © Sadhana Yoga Picture

“Sadhana’s class has been a breath of fresh air for me and my baby boy Arthur. we have been attending the class since Arthur was 8 weeks old. During birth i had undergone a c-section, plus suffered with a very bad Diastasis Recti; which is where my abdominal muscles separated and Sadhana was able to carefully guide me through exercises and postures that not only made me feel better but improved and healed my abdominal separation.

How she manages to teach a yoga class with a room full of babies, toddlers and postnatal hormonal women is beyond me – but she does – and the class is so chilled out, yet informative that everyone feels like they can be themselves as well as look after their little ones in the way they wish to.

The Yoga and Pilates is great too – the postures have improved my strength and flexibility whist leaving me feeling like i have more energy and a calmer mind to cope better with the week ahead. The baby massage is great for the little ones and the songs and music and interaction with other babies is fantastic for their development.

I only wish i could go every day!”

Hayley and Arthur


Sarah & Mabel © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Sarah & Mabel © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Hi, I’m 39 years old and have always tried to keep fit and active and be involved in different sports. When I was pregnant with Mabel I continued the same but found it difficult when she was born fitting it all in.

It was a friend of mine who suggested a Pilates and Yoga class for both myself and Mabel, I must admit I was a little hesitant at the time as I’d never really thought I’d enjoy or get much from Pilates or Yoga especially now with Mabel in tow.

I can honestly say I’m won over by Sadhana class, we both really enjoy them it’s a great way to start the week.  I’ve met other lovely mums and babies and we try never to miss it, I get the exercise I need from it and Sadhana is fantastic, you can push yourself as little or speak to Sadhana and she  will help you push yourself a little more.

I will really miss the class when I go back to work but I intend in joining Sadhana adults Pilates and Yoga classes on an evening, it has opened my mind to Pilates and Yoga and the benefits it offers and it was extra special that I could do this with my little girl…

Thanks Sadhana!!!!


Emma and Thomas baby yoga © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Emma and Thomas baby yoga © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending Sadhana’s baby yoga and pilates class when Thomas was 10 weeks old. I initially came as I wanted to get back into exercise but it wasn’t easy with a little baby and when you’re not getting much sleep.   To be able to do yoga/pilates, have Thomas with me and be with other people who were all in a similar situation seemed ideal. Since that first class we’ve not missed one unless we’re on holiday; it’s the perfect start to the week! There have been lots of benefits for both Thomas and I through coming to the class.

When he was younger (before being able to roll or crawl around) he really enjoyed the massage and breathing meditation activities.  Now he tends to respond more positively to the parts where he gets to be lifted up and down – the grand old duke of York always gets a big smile from him! The benefits for me have been both physical and psychological.

The class has really helped alleviate the aches and pains I get from lifting and carrying Thomas (19lbs now and counting!).  I also find the breathing exercises really calming and they’re something I use outside of the class itself.  The other big plus of coming is getting to spend time with other mums (and sometimes dads) and Sadhana too.   It’s a very informal and welcoming environment.

If you’ve had a bad night with baby and need to share it with someone there’s always someone there to listen. On a final note – I must admit it’s abit surreal at first that you find yourself doing a yoga move whilst singing a nursery rhyme; but then again singing out of tune and often with the wrong words seems to be part and parcel of being a mum doesn’t it so I’d highly recommend that you give it a go!

Emma and Thomas baby yoga © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Emma and Thomas baby yoga © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Emma Whiteley/41/Worsley


I joined Sadhana’s baby yoga class for 2 reasons – 1, to get my core back in to shape post pregnancy and 2, to meet other new mummies and their babies.  I’m really glad I joined the class.  Sadhana is such a lovely teacher, she immediately made me feel welcome.

Her class is relaxed and so enjoyable.  I’ve met some really lovely mummies through the class.  It is really nice to get together every Monday to share our experiences/problems etc and to get some advice and support from people who are going through the same as you.  I will really miss the class when I go back to work.

Hannah & Baby George © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Hannah & Baby George © Sadhana Yoga Pictures


rachel and baby cecily © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
rachel and baby cecily © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

“baby yoga has been one of my favourite activities whilst on mat leave, aside from getting some exercise its a fab place to meet people and is a really sociable group. I would definitely recommend it’

Rachel Halter and Baby Cecily


Amanda and husband Phil © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Amanda and husband Phil © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

My name is Amanda Kinsey I have been doing yoga for 3 weeks now at Achieve a centre to help people with drug and alcohol abuse. I am really enjoying the sessions with sadhana. I have learnt how to breathe properly as in everyday life we forget to do the most natural thing and that is to breathe.

I’m so pleased I have been able to get my mind body and soul to connect with each other and feel very relaxed rather than stressed. Sadhana  is very welcoming and kind soft-spoken person who is very good at what she does in her job.

I love the Meditation sessions which has helped me in my recovery after all a relaxed mind is happiness. A stressed  mind is chaos   The Yoga and Meditation class  helps us to  reconnect with our mind body and soul thank you Sadhana for your expertise and it was enjoyable learning new techniques it is a pleasure being in your session I look forward to be able to do more sessions with you in the near future.

Amanda x


kate © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
kate © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

At the age of 53, a friend of mine introduced me to yoga.  I’d tried it in the past, but had always come up against lots of lycra and lithe young beauties throwing their legs and bodies into shapes suitable only for contortionists or circus acts, so had never really bothered to pursue it.  However, the wrong side of 50, menopausally overweight, and recently introduced to the spiritual side of life, ie reiki and meditation, my friend persuaded me to give it a try, claiming it would complement the reiki and meditation, and help with breathing through those awful hot flushes and toothache in my joints, I decided to give it a go.

The only class we could find was an ashtanga class of some 30 strong yogis, where the very young, lithe, lycra clad teacher threw the various shapes, closely copied by her equally supple students and me, who sat on the mat and watched the whole proceedings with fear, envy and trepidation. Plank, upward dog, downward dog, just about finished me off and in the first class she wanted me to try standing on my head, which believe me, I couldn’t do 40 years ago, so I’d no hope.

After 3 classes I gave up, but was determined to find something I could do. We sat and discussed it, and decided that we wanted a class whereby we could increase the flexibility of our bodies but also take advantage of the calming and de-stressing elements associated with deep breathing and meditation.  After much research, my friend, Lois, came up with two forms, one was Dru and the other was Yin, and given the nearest Dru class was 20 odd miles away, Yin it was.

So that’s how we came to Sadhana’s class, and I have to say I’ve never looked back.  My first class, I couldn’t kneel, as an accident to my knee years ago suddenly seemed to prohibit any form of kneeling at all.  My doctor said it was my age, but Sadhana patiently showed me an alternative I could do and not feel a fool.  The class was full of lovely people (not one in lycra), and I felt encouraged.  Since then I’ve gone from strength to strength, 3 years later I can kneel, sit crossed leg and even get up without having to get myself into a series of positions that make a beached turtle look elegant.  I too can throw some of the shapes I have so long admired and feel so much better.

During the whole of that time, Sadhana, who I have to say is one of the loveliest people I have ever met, has been patient, kind and enthusiastic to teach me.  She’s welcomed me and my friend into her home, and her fruit teas are to die for. The classes are by no means easy, and I can certainly feel them the next day, but I am so relaxed from the breath meditations and positions, my IBS is immediately calmed and I sleep soundly, my joint pain is much better and more importantly, I’ve enjoyed every class I’ve attended.  I’m still overweight and menopausal, but hey ho, who cares.

I’ve now even started to attend some of her other classes which, which are a little more energetic than Yin.  Again, she shows me variations to positions, and encourages me to try without making me feel a failure. I have never heard one single subconscious tut, and I can now do plank, upward dog, downward dog, without fear.  My goal is to do the bow position, and whilst I can’t quite grab my ankles (I claim its cos my arms are too short), I’m nearly there. Not bad for 56 year old menopausally overweight female, and that’s all thanks to Sadhana and her wonderful, wonderful yoga classes.  I’m not sure I would ever have achieved it without her and just wish I’d had such a teacher 30 years ago when I first tried it.

So all you ladies of a certain age, who are in pain and stressed but terrified of lycra, don’t be, Sadhana is there to help, and all you ladies out there for whom lycra is no problem at all, you will only benefit from joining one of her groups, they are wonderful.<

Thank you Sadhana, you are a shining star.

Kate x


“‘I have been going to Sadhana’s Pilates and yoga classes for a year now. I started going to her prenatal class when I was in my second trimester. I found it a wonderful way to keep mobile especially in the later stages of pregnancy, to increase my emotional connection to my unborn baby, & to socialise with other mums-to-be. The relaxation & breathing exercises came in very useful during labour & made me feel as prepared as it is possible to be!

I now attend Sadhana’s yoga and Pilates with babies class. It is a great way to spend time with other parents & their babies whilst stretching out & strengthening sore muscles in a very easy-going environment. It has definitely helped me to recover both physically & psychologically from pregnancy & labour. My baby seems to enjoy the classes too, & we have found using the hummingbird breath very helpful when he is unsettled & crying.

Sadhana is a fantastic teacher who exudes calm & compassion. She teaches in a relaxed & fun way, but also encourages us all to push ourselves physically (especially whilst planking, which is awful but worth it!) whilst at the same time ensuring we have plenty of time at the end of class to switch off our busy brains & just breathe.”


Dave Roche © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Dave Roche © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Hi, my name is David. Since taking an Engineering Design job in mid May 2014 based in Eccles I found myself away from my North East home during the week working long hours. At the then age of 57 I had practised yoga on & off since my mid forties, usually in gyms, by no means to a high level but always found it to be a splendid antidote to the sedentary office day.

To any guys out there pondering yoga by the way, go for it. I wish I had embraced it sooner, I had so many macho misconceptions coming into it that soon dissipated. What started out as something I did at the gym after a  weights session has developed into my main fitness pastime. It’s much more than fitness though.

I searched around the local area and found a wonderful oasis of spiritual calm in Sadhana’s yoga classes. I have been attending Sadhana’s yoga twice a week since then and have now started supplementing this with one of her pilates classes which is very beneficial.

I have found Sadhana’s classes to be an excellent way to realign both physically & mentally. Her classes are a joy to attend, no clique or competition.  A group that is a friendly cross section of folk, absolute beginners afforded as much attention as the more experienced. She has a great regard to individual needs and her manner is Knowledgeable, spiritual & professional yet never too serious.

Dave x


  I attend the Monday and Wednesday evening Yoga classes and as many Yin classes as I can get to. I started with Sadhana Yoga in 2009 when I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety and work-related stress. The classes were recommended to me by a neighbour and it took some courage to overcome my natural insecurities and attend my first class.

I can honestly say that the first hour of Sadhana’s teaching had a life changing effect on me and her classes continue to inspire and sustain me. I have used Yoga and meditation to successfully deal with insomnia and stress, I continue to use Yogic principles to deal with my recovery from agoraphobia.

Sadhana’s classes are friendly, suitable for all body types and ages and the students are utterly non-judgemental. Like many women I have body issues; I have lived with self-loathing in many manifestations for 20 years. In Sadhana’s classes I have felt comfortable, supported and welcomed, and my size, shape and ability have never been a barrier to my enjoyment of Yoga.

I have been lucky enough to find wonderful friends in Sadhana’s classes; there is usually laughter and a good chat before and after class. I have also become stronger, fitter and more able to relax and my self-esteem has developed to the degree that I am now at a point in my life where I am starting to feel happy in my skin.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sadhana Yoga and encourage anyone to come along to class and experience for themselves the nurturing, gentle kindness of Sadhana’s teaching.


Carol © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have been attending sadhanas yoga and Pilates classes for over a year . A friend of mine who I go running with recommended Sadhana’s classes to me and said how much she enjoyed it and how it had helped with her running.

I do both her Pilates and Yoga classes and now know what my friend meant.

Since attending my body feels more toned and stronger which really benefits my running so much so that I have signed up to do a half marathon in October!

Yoga has definitely made my body more flexible and is a good way to switch off from a busy day to day life. I look forward to Pilates and yoga each week.

Sadhana’s classes are relaxed and friendly and a lovely atmosphere and Sadhana always makes you feel welcome. I would recommend it to everyone!

Carol Harper 48 from Swinton


Vicki Greer © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have been attending Sadhana’s yoga classes weekly since I moved to Monton, in 2007. I first started yoga classes in my early 20′s and have had a number of teachers over the years – some good, some not so good – but quickly felt like I had found the teacher for me in Sadhana.

While I had been learning the postures previously, I feel like Sadhana’s classes have taught me how to truly practice yoga. She encourages students to recognise that yoga is about much more than the physical postures on the mat.

Sadhana is well qualified in yoga and she is passionate about ensuring her students practice safely. If she encourages you to move out of your comfort zone with a posture – which she often does! – I trust 100% that I am safe to do so.

I suffered with nagging shoulder pain for some years thanks to working behind a computer. Sadhana noticed that I had a problem and helped me to recognise when I needed to adjust my posture. She also recommended I have physiotherapy…..every week…until I finally did as I was told! I am very thankful as my shoulder is so much better after following Sadhana’s advice, and now, if it does play up, I am equipped with an understanding of what I need to do to put it right myself.

The classes themselves are in a lovely peaceful location and every week you are met with a warm welcome from Sadhana and the other students. Life can be so hectic at times and it can be tempting to con yourself into thinking there is no time for yoga, but I am always so thoroughly pleased that I made it to class, because no matter what else is going on in life I never fail to come out feeling more grounded and calmer.

I thoroughly recommend Sadhana’s yoga classes to anyone – from beginners to seasoned yogis. Just as long as I am living in Manchester, I will still be attending Sadhana’s classes!

Vicki Greer 32 Monton


I attend the Mondays and Wednesday yoga classes. I Joined Sadhana yoga classes , as I felt my body was due a period to be physically stretched and pushed to new limits , I have worked in construction for numerous years and have done a lot of heavy lifting, practicing yoga was suggested to me from a friend to help me have more core strength in a natural way without doing harm.

I really enjoy the yoga classes as I find it a time to unwind and relieve stress after a busy day, Sadhana is fantastic and always supportive to me and the class, when we try pushing to hard or just need some gentle words to help us grow in our yoga learning. All the class members are great to talk to and spend time with and the venue is easy to get to and has a car park and clean practice area and toilets.

Since my first yoga class and in a short space of time I found myself a little more flexible and more focused day to day. My sleep improved and my posture was more aligned and straight as it naturally should be, helping me sit up straight.

I was a little nervous the first time I attended yoga with Sadhana especially being male but this wasnt an issue at all and theres a nice mix of both men and women which made me feel more relaxed. I always felt comfortable as everyone was so friendly and I soon settled in.

I would definitely recommend sadhana yoga to anyone, it has made me feel fresh and alive again and believe it will be beneficial for anyone, of any age or sex.
Alan 45 years old

Worsley, Manchester


Wendy Marie Croft © Sadhana Yoga Pictures


I attend Pilate, the Yin Yoga and also the Meditation classes  and the Friday Yin Yoga Sadhana’s home. I started attending Pilates classes around August 2009, through my friend Jenny.

I love both the Pilates aswell both the Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation.

The other members are very friendly, and Sadhana is great, very warm & welcoming and has a calming influence upon me.

I have a busy mind and suffer from depression, with bouts of low energy & self-esteem.   The classes help to introduce calm into my mind and bring me back to a positive, more energized outlook.

I particularly like the classes when they are held at Sadhana’s wonderful home.  I feel so comfortable when I am there, at ease in the warm, welcoming atmosphere. I always leave with such a good energy and feeling much stronger within my mind and body

I was introduced to Sadhana and the Pilates classes by my friend, who is a regular to Sadhana’s Pilates class.  I found them to be very energizing and left me feeling very positive, so I have since begun Yin Yoga with guided meditation as well, which I try to attend every month.

The benefits of her classes to me are invaluable. I leave the class with a greater sense of wellbeing and positivity.  I feel I have better control over my mind and body, I no longer hold as much tension in my body, especially my shoulders and back, and I generally feel much happier within myself, much stronger.

This all helps me cope with daily life, by helping me to sleep better and have a healthier appetite for life.

I love Sadhana’s classes and would recommend them to others.  To help with core strength, breathing and all round general physical and mental health.

Sadhana also looks after you in her classes, always makes you feel safe and would never force you to do any exercise that you don’t feel comfortable with.  You can put your full trust in her, she would never let you hurt yourself.  She is watching you all the time and knows when something isn’t right for you.
Wendy Marie Croft 36  Salford


Graeme Semple © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I’m a 41 year old guy who lives in Manchester city centre. I first met Sadhana on one of her retreats in Yorkshire and instantly found her sessions (yoga, pilates, meditation) inspiring and gave me an inner sense of calm as well as an incredible work out for my body and mind. I attend both Sadhana’s pilates and yoga classes at Monton village hall on a Thursday evening – the Pilates I find more physically demanding (but that’s due to poor core strength which is being improved with regular practice) and followed by the Yoga class which again is demanding but I feel wonderful afterwards!

I started yoga about 4 years ago due to injuries through running and other high impact sports. I have done many different types of yoga and still practice at different locations. I am city centre based and member of a gym which puts on lots of yoga sessions. However, it is so worth the extra effort to go along to Sadhana’s sessions and I get so much out of them – it’s so important to have a teacher and guide that you can connect with.

It’s also been incredibly restorative for my body and (touch wood) I’ve been injury free since taking up regular yoga practice. Sadhana’s classes are challenging yet fun and you are never made to feel like an outsider. Her combination of expert teaching, humour and warmth mean that the sessions are always a joy and I get so much out of them.

There are absolutely no barriers in Sadhana’s classes except the ones we put in our own heads! You are always made to feel welcome and her inclusive style means that no-one is on their own in a class. I would recommend to novices and regular practitioners alike.
Graeme Semple


yoga, pilates, meditation, sadhana yoga, eccles
Christine Kershaw © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I have attended Sadhana’s yoga classes for since 2011 and meditation group. Initially I came with my daughter who had been having back trouble as support for her although I had been looking for a yoga class myself in the area where I live but without success. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and although my daughter no longer lives near enough to attend I now come to classes with my son who is an inspiration to me, giving me confidence and encouraging me.

Yoga is such a big part of his life and through him and Sadhana’s varied classes I feel that I have a deeper sense of well-being and greater self-acceptance.

Classes are friendly and welcoming and I would encourage anyone to try. There is a wide age range and help is offered. I always feel better after a yoga practice. Anxiety and tension give way to calmness and balance. In a hectic world yoga helps me to accept who I am, to find contentment and to share this with others.

Meditation Sadhana’s meditation groups are a wonderful way to unwind and gain perspective on life. I started going as I thought it might help me to relax and sleep better. At that time I was still working as a teacher and was always very busy. The hour long group session gave me an opportunity to sit and become grounded after a whirlwind day. It gave me some ‘me’ time to focus and try to exclude distractions. Sometimes, no matter what, it is hard to quieten your mind but I take ideas from the sessions and find a time to sit quietly at home. This may only be a few minutes each day but I find it so helpful.  I now keep a journal which I find helpful in my own practice at home. The benefit of going to the monthly group is the opportunity to discuss with others. This is always your choice but it is interesting to hear how others feel. If you haven’t tried this group I would urge you to come along and see what benefits can be gained.
Christine Kershaw. Age 60 From Oldham


Lesley and mum Grace © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending Sadhana’s Thursday evening yoga classes in 2008, simply because my mum wanted someone to go with. I had attended other yoga classes before but this was different.

I occasionally attend the Wednesday class and monthly meditations. I originally got into yoga to improve my strength and flexibility.

Sadhana’s classes come with the added bonus of meditation so I suppose it helps keep my mind strong and flexible too! I’ve had issues with mild anxiety and depression in the past, so it has been a great help.

The yoga classes are very relaxed and non judgmental; I’ve never felt any pressure to be able to bend myself in half or stand on my head, although there have been times when I’ve been able to do that. There is a regular group of people that attend, but newcomers are always welcomed.

Last year I broke my ankle whilst roller skating. This did not stop me going to yoga. I still attended classes in a plaster cast. Sadhana advised me on modifying poses, and proved that anyone can practice yoga regardless of ability or disability. Yoga also helped me regain strength in my leg after the plaster had been removed.  One year on I still skate.

Yoga has a part to play in strengthening my core muscles, increasing flexibility, stretching legs and practising balance. I can transfer this on to the rink to help with jumps, spins, sitting low and skating on one leg arabesque.

I regularly attend the monthly meditation class, which take place in a comfortable and homely environment where I feel free to express myself.  This has helped me discover more about my inner self and has also helped with the counselling role associated with my job. The classes continue to be something I look forward to every week. I see it as a shutdown and reboot of me as a whole.
Lesley, 34, Salford.


Jude © Sadhana Yoga Pictures


I have attended Sadhana’s Yoga classes since 2007. I usually attend the Monton class on a Thursday Evening. I like the fact that it is a drop in class and you are not signing up for classes you can’t attend. I first did Yoga at University which I enjoyed about twenty five years ago. I did some again when I was 30 but it was in a gym and I didn’t think the environment was conducive to Yoga. Third time lucky took me to Sadhana’s classes which were local and excellent.

I initially started Yoga again in order to find some “me time” As a busy working mum everyone else and everything else usually takes priority so a quality hour away from everything and everyone is highly beneficial. There are times when I don’t feel like going especially in winter when it can be cold and dark. My husband is good at encouraging me to go even when I feel really tired. However I have never ever been to a class where I haven’t benefited from it and come back refreshed.

When I first used to go I would be stretching and balancing and my mind would still be frenetic. I have learnt how to breathe much better and my mind focuses on the class much more. I have acquired a greater belief in my own abilities and what I can do. I recently walked across a tightrope and that was largely down to things I had learnt in my Yoga class. I still have tense shoulders though!

Sadhana is a fantastic teacher who is always really friendly and positive. She makes all her pupils feel included in the class whatever their level, age or experience. She will always challenge you and support you when you need it. Sadhana has a good sense of humour which make the classes fun as well. I would definitely recommend these classes to everyone.

Last Year I was lucky enough to go to one of Sadhana’s Charity Days. Sadhana and the Yoga group raised over £1230 for SAFA; for a  Salford based charity which helps families with Autistic children. My son has autism and has been horse riding with some of the funds that were raised. My daughter was able to come along and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Even if you don’t like Yoga go along for the cakes and the best samosas you’ll ever taste.
Jude x


yoga, pilates, pranayama, meditation
Neil Kershaw © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I started attending Sadhana’s classes at the Quaker Meeting House on a Wednesday night about 10 years ago when I moved back to Manchester after working in Oxford for 3 years. I first started practicing yoga during my time in Oxford and was hoping to find a good teacher and class to continue developing my practice in Manchester. It was clear from the first session with Sadhana that I had found both.

Initially, I had been drawn to yoga by the grace and strength of advanced practitioners I saw during a demonstration but quickly began to appreciate the more subtle aspects of the practice – I was hooked and have maintained a daily practice since. Yoga has transformed me as a person both physically and emotionally and I feel its benefits every day. Practicing yoga leaves me feeling more grounded and at ease with myself; becoming stronger and more flexible are welcome bi-products. It is this feeling which “gets me on the mat” every day and will continue to do so.

Sadhana’s classes are always enjoyable and I look forward to them each week. The atmosphere is light-hearted, friendly and completely non-judgemental. We are encouraged to move at our own pace, within our own limits and there is always an emphasis on the breath and moving the body with the breath. I never feel any pressure to hurry up or slow down.

I find the breathing exercises (pranayama) which Sadhana teaches particularly enjoyable and have incorporated them into my daily practice. Her understanding of the physiological and philosophical aspect of yoga comes across in each class – my mum (who also comes along each week) has recently had a shoulder problem; Sadhana has been able to provide alternative postures to minimise additional strain on the joint whilst maintaining mobility. I also feel better prepared to deal with the inevitable muscular pull/aches/pains from everyday life as a result of Sadhana’s classes and am more mindful of my body.

I would recommend yoga to anyone – and frequently do!
Neil Kershaw


I have been attending Sadhana’s yoga classes for several years now. Sadhana is a wonderful teacher who has a natural ability to make you feel at ease, regardless of what level you are.  Sadhana’s classes contain every ability and probably type of yogi possible, from expert to beginner, super thin to super plump, everybody is made to feel so welcome.

I enjoy Sadhana’s yoga classes immensely, there is no pressure to push yourself too far, but I know that if I am doing something wrong, Sadhana will gently point me in the right direction.

Sadhana’s classes are relaxed and informal, supporting you through postures and breathing exercises and teaching in a way that is easy to follow and understand.  Sadhana also introduced me to Yin Yoga, which I have found both enjoyable and beneficial.

I have recently been to Sadhana’s meditation group, set in the beautiful environment of Sadhana’s home.  Sadhana is very understanding and gently introduces you to the concept of meditation amongst a small group of friendly and supportive people.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sadhana and her yoga classes, I feel vey relaxed after my classes and tend to sleep wonderfully also.

Sadhana understands that I can’t always make it to class on a regular basis, but is always very supportive and welcoming.  I always return.
Karen Davies, Manchester Age 45

 Testimonials from Retreats  

Dear Sadhana

 It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and all the other wonderful people last week.  Thank you for a lovely retreat- it has made me a lot more aware of my breath although must admit I did forget to breathe a lot last week amidst the chaos at work ;) – a good learning experience;).   Thanks for being such a wonderful person and keep up the good work of being an inspiration (I say this as an observation and not as flattery or to boost ego) to the lives of people like myself.  Take care for now and have a wonderful day, lots of love Ethaar          xx

Hi Sadhana  

Thank you for a lovely time on the retreat, your teaching and style was an inspiration and I look forward to joining you in practice again (hopefully at one of your regular sessions).   Many thanks  


Hi Sadhana, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the weekend. It was hard and challenging at times, but you don’t want it to be too easy. All the people on the course were very friendly and it had a relaxing atmosphere. The food was delicious and I am just making the apple and raspberry pudding from their cookbook with my little girl – who is more interested in pulling the cooker apart than helping! I hope to do another retreat with you next year and might try and get a friend to come too. If you want to put me on your mailing list for information on retreats then please do. Thanks again and I hope to see you sometime soon. Sue

Dear Sadhana,

Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring retreat – I had a great time and met some lovely people – and what a wonderful place Habergill is too! Although my yoga practice is mainly self-directed at home and some gym classes at DW, I’m going to try to come along – especially to your Sunday afternoon class at the Quaker Hall I shall check your website out for times/dates! Maggie and her family are lovely and made everyone so welcome and at home – what a wonderful vision they had for Habergill and also the determination and commitment to make that vision a reality – Maggie seems quite an amazing woman! Well, its back to work for me today (I was on leave last week) so I’m off dog walking now then heading off to work …. Hope to see you soon

Love & light


Dear Sadhana, Today I was out walking; a short but quite a tough little trek, there was pain but no ambulance pain, as I walked there was only I breathe in, I breathe out. An excellent weekend & thanks for being part of my journey, I’m sure I will have the pleasure of sharing breath with you soon Cheers & Namaste Steve

Thank you Sadhana!!!   The weekend was marvellous. The atmosphere was so positive and spiritually rich (can’t think of how else to explain it) and you yourself are  inspirational and very interesting also.   love Jenny

Hi Sadhana, Great pictures! (trust me to have my eyes shut in the group one!) Thanks for the weekend I had a really lovely time and am re-inspired to carry on with yoga and also definitely to find a good pilates class in Newcastle. I only wish we could have stayed another day or so up there – it was back to reality far too quickly. Despite being in the office I am remembering to keep my shoulders down, sit up and tuck my tail bone in so hopefully I won’t slip into bad ways again too soon. I’d love to come and do a retreat again at some point. Thanks again, take care and enjoy the festive season, Best wishes, Ally xx

Hi Sadhana, Thanks for a lovely weekend I feel extremely relaxed – it was well worth it. I’m recommending to my colleagues! Emma x

Hi Sadhana   Thankyou for a lovely weekend and for sending the pictures. My minds a bit clearer now then it was on Friday though  Thankyou.  

Love and hugs   Joanne xx


Your a joy to be around as were everyone else which was lovely.  

Speak to you soon   Jo xx

Thank you so much for the pictures they are great and I have got them on my facebook. I hope our paths cross again sometime I had a wonderful weekend and will definitely try to come back and recommend it to others. Have a lovely weekend,  Ellie Smith

Hi Sadhana! A big, big thank you for organising such a brilliant weekend. I enjoyed myself so much. The yoga, pilates and meditation were fantastic – and just what I was looking for to get me inspired again! The thing I love so much about your classes is that you can tell you really enjoy teaching, and care about your students. I have to been to many yoga classes where the teachers seem bored, or rushed and the experience is just not enjoyable. I am going to try to come at least once a week to Monton for classes but also I was wondering how much the ones you do at home were? I was thinking that maybe I could have a private session once a month. As I am training for the marathon I am concerned with what the running will do to my body and it would be good to have a practice specifically focusing on running if you know what I mean (so lots of knee strengthening work!) Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon! Wendy G

Hi Sadhana! A big “thank you” to you and all the work you prepare both in advance and whilst at Haybergill.  I had yet another GREAT retreat meeting familiar and new friends.  I thought we were all like-minded people and got on with each other extremely well.  The atmosphere was good in every way, from being light-hearted to serious concentration and, at times, just hilarious, I feel sure a good time was had by everyone.  I had an excellent journey home and hope you did, too.  My core muscles ached yesterday, hence the reason for missing Pilates last night, however, I have every intention of seeing you tomorrow evening.  Keep up your good work, we all love being in class.  See you tomorrow. Wendy x

Hi Sadhana   I just wanted to say thank you again for arranging the yoga retreat. I really enjoyed the weekend and appreciate the effort you put into all the arrangements and activities. The Haybergill Centre is a perfect venue and the staff were brilliant.   It was nice to meet you and I feel I have learned quite a lot about just how bad my posture is and what I need to concentrate on. I will have a talk to my teacher about my ‘problem areas’ and keep working on them!   Thanks again   Caroline x

Hi Sadhana! I’m just online now, they are brilliant photos, thank you very much indeed, it is so nice to be able to see them so quickly, a digital camera is a must, Arthur and I really must get around to choosing one in the not too distant future.  So glad you liked the pressie, I thought they would be useful when you take your next group to Haybergill – I wish I was joining you again, I loved our week-end.  I’m sorry I was a little tearful, on the occasion of our photo together, but I really did want to share my joy, life is about caring and sharing.  Until next time, enjoy your life Sadhana it is very precious.  I hope you will be feeling 100% very soon, with no hurt in your knees after your fall.  See you tomorrow. Wendy x

Hi Sadhana, thanks for a fantastic weekend and excellent classes! I would definitely like to be added to the mailing list! Lizzie xx

Hi Sadhana Thank you so much for the weekend we all had a great time something new and  interesting, and energising. I have passed on your good wishes to Carole who had a bad weekend her husband is now back in hospital, so we must support her as well as we can.   It would be lovely to return for another retreat and bring her with us next  time. I hope I can return next July as I personally found it a new and refreshing  experience.We had a good journey back with plenty of reminiscences and laughs  what else with us!!!  

Our love and best wishes to you. Love Pam xx

Hi Sadhana

Back to reality with a bang, the good old NHS for ya, like to keep me busy. However did go into work on Monday after a brilliant night’s sleep on Sunday and my shoulders felt great. Many thanks for the contact, I will call him, still figuring out how I can manage training alongside my job but the key I think is you just do it. I thought the retreat was great and would definitely go again. I thought your classes were superb and  totally inclusive of  all abilities. I enjoyed your style of teaching and found you extremely approachable and knowledgeable, particularly like your angle on Yoga not being an aerobic exercise but a state of mind and philosophy for life, I think that gets forgotten or not mentioned at all. I wish I lived nearer your classes but will try to make some of the weekend workshops. Don`t suppose you know of any classes in the Hebden bridge, Halifax, Todmorden area? So far, so good. I had a yoga class last night and just did some meditation and a few stretches tonight. So thanks again for organizing such a great weekend and will no doubt cross your path again, Carla.

Dear Sadhana, THANK YOU, so much! I had a wonderful weekend. I thought I was going away for a relaxing, calm, fulfilling weekend, which I got in droves, but who would have a thought it would be spent with such an amazing, warm group of people. Thanks again and look forward to the next one. Ali x

Dear Sadhana  

Thank you for the lovely picture! The weekend left me feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed and I still have a sense of mental peace that I haven’t experienced for many years. It’s as if  having had some space from everything for a couple of days I can look at things  with a slightly detatched perspective, and the emotion that usually accompanies  things has had a chance to dial down. I was pleased with what I managed to do. Even though I was hoping to do  more, I felt it was ok that I could recognise when I needed to stop. Although I  didn’t feel so good on Sunday, by Monday when my muscles had a chance to  recover, I experienced less pain and better movement. I am resolved to sit in meditation stance for several minutes a day and  build up, as I am sure it was this that helped my hips. Your wonderful relaxed approach to attending the sessions was so welcome,  and did not make me feel any pressure to try and keep up. Your style is truly a  gift to us in these days of constantly feeling the need to demonstrate perseverance and achievement. For me, the achievement was in saying “I don’t have to”. I got home ok, and now feel much better at the prospect of taking people  with me next time. I was explaining to the girls at one of the meals, I felt so unsure of how  safe I would be – my muscles lock up when I am sitting in one position for a  while – that I was reluctant to put any one else in danger of being in my car. I  didn’t feel I explained that very well to you, and it must have looked a bit  flaky! I had not driven so far for a long time, but now I know that it was  ok. What a lovely mix of people we had! I don’t get the chance to socialise  much and am aware that I probably don’t always come across so well in a large group. The centre was unlike anything I have experienced, with such a wonderfully  relaxed atmosphere, it was almost like being a house guest of friends! I don’t  think you could find better for your purpose.   On a different note, the BodyWorks exhibition has been extended to 17th  August, so there’s still plenty of time to go. I think we are going as a family day out this weekend, but I would still probably like to go during the week  without the kids, so that I can take my time. Let me know if you still fancy  doing this.   Look forward to seeing you on Friday 

love and light   Liz

Sadhana, Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Ali and me had such a great time! We both learned a lot about yoga (and Ali goes to classes in Eastbourne, but she still learned a lot) What a wonderful place to take us for a weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I will certainly be coming next year and Ali says she will too. I really don’t think you realise how good  you are, or what a positive effect you have on your yogis. You are very modest. Thank you once again and see you on Thursday. I want to get to Pilates as well if I can get there in time.

Take care. Joyce

Hey Sadhana, Hope you’re not too exhausted by working all weekend. I feel much happier than I usually do on a Monday and did some sun salutes this morning before work! Thanks so much was brilliant. I’m sure my trousers are a little bit tighter tho… Sarah T x

Thanks Sadhana, Great time had by all, just looking at my photos, they’re really nice. Will attach a couple for the group. It was a really lovely mix of people. Enjoyed the company of every one. And really enjoyed the yoga practice and meditations. Felt quite tired when I got back, still do! Think it was harder than I realised. But thanks for a great time, it was lovely to meet you, you are very inspirational. Will definitely come to one of your classes when I get organised.

Love from Karen xx

Hi Sadhana Thank you so much for an excellent weekend.  I really enjoyed all the classes, great variety, I have been doing yoga for many years but there were lots of surprises!  The group were great too, it really felt like I was parting with old friends on Sunday afternoon.  Maybe I will see you at one of your Eccles classes in the future. I would certainly like to come to another retreat.

Love Liz xx

Hello, Sadhana!   I’m afraid you beat me to it!  I have been meaning to get in touch, just to say thank you for organising last weekend.  It certainly was an experience, wasn’t it?  It was a good weekend, though, and a really good group.  Haybergill is a great base, with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.      Thank you for sending the photographs as well – they’re great!  Ian did well, didn’t he?   Please would you add me to your mailing list?  I’d certainly come on another retreat and would take steps to ensure that I wasn’t so worn out by the end of it.   Hope to see you again.   Frances x

Dear Sadhana

Hello!   Thank you so very much for last weekend – I had an amazing time. I will definitely be wanting to go on future retreats and I look forward to seeing you again!


Thanks Sadhana for your newsletter. I finally managed to look at the photos of Haybergill. They really are a true reflection of a wonderful weekend. Thank you again and have a lovely Christmas Jeni XX

Sadhana,  My daughter has just told me she is in the early stages of pregnancy. She lives in Portsmouth and has recently started yoga (about a year). Can you recommend any books or advice about yoga in those early days. We are all thrilled about the news and want to ensure she looks after herself. Not all teachers are trained , as you are, for yoga and pregnancy. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend. I am so glad we braved the snow. Jenny Doran ( haybergill )XX

Hi Sadhana  Thanks for a lovely weekend, drive home was a bit hair raising with the fog but we made it.  I have joined your facebook page, love the photos  Take care and keep in touch x  Kind Regards Coral Horn

Hey hey sorry I didn’t text I dropped my phone in the toilet so it’s currently drying out on radiator haha thank you for a beautiful wkd loved it and have loads of energy. Let me know if you know of any other events see you soon,

lots of love  Lucie x x

Thankyou for your instructions—I will contact you if I have problems and will attend the monthly class which will be ideal until the light nights of the summer—-better for driving—I am trying to practice at home on a daily basis and go to my class every Monday—I enjoyed your approach and also love your attitude to the older woman and her capabilities. I know the Eastern approach of cherishing older people is something the west needs to learn about!!! ————————–IN LOVE AND LIGHT Jane


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