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Giant Yoga Day Oxfam

Giant Yoga Day outside Urbis Manchester
Giant Yoga Day outside Urbis Manchester
Thank you so much to all the very brave yogis who turned up in spite of the chilly weather to take part in our amazing Giant Yoga Day to raise awareness for Oxfam ‘Do’ Project. All over the world women are far too often told ‘don’t’ or ‘mustn’t’ or ‘can’t’. But women must, can and do work hard to get themselves out of poverty- both in the UK and in poor countries. So thank you for all coming along to celebrate womens’ power of ‘Do’.

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Since the start of Sadhana Yoga we have held an annual Charity Yoga Day to raise money for different causes. Since 2007, thanks to your generosity and kindness we have raised over £5300 to raise funds for the Renal Unit at Hope Hospital, The British Heart Foundation,  The Menieres Society and  Salford Autism Support Group SAFA.

The Charity Yoga days are wonderful family affairs with a whole host of yogis taking part from young ones to adults and funds are raised thanks to cake bakers, face painters, raffle prizes, ,  henna artists and my wonderful Mum for her delicious samosas . And all the Yogis who take part in completing 108 sun salutations.

Yoga is much more than the breath and body (Hatha Yoga principles) – Charity Yoga days are another form of Yoga; Karma Yoga – which aim to help others with no expectation of reward.

© Sadhana Yoga Pictures - Giant Yoga Day
© Sadhana Yoga Pictures – Giant Yoga Day

Interview Between Oxfam and Sadhana Ali

1- Why did you team up with Oxfam?
I met Serena Tramonti at Social Media Manchester’s Social Networking event in February where she mentioned the Oxfam ‘Do’ project – it was very easy to agree to being part of such a great cause. The idea to getting a group of people together for our Giant Yoga Class seemed fun, albeit in the chilly Manchester weather.

2- What do you think the world would look like (and Salford!) if men and
women were truly equal?

If men and women were truly equal, we would smile more, breathe better and enjoy a healthier and more compassionate relationship with each other and ourselves. But then again it’s always nice to have a moan with girlfriends about men (sometimes…)

3- What has Yoga got to do with helping others?
Yoga is a way of life and is all about helping ourselves and others rather than just being bendy. In life we have several duties be that as a mother, a son, an employer for example, but the most important duty we have is to be kind to others and ourselves. Yoga encompasses Karma Yoga, which means to help others with no expectation of reward. A lot of people assume Karma is about doing something good so we can get some reward back, but we mustn’t be attached to the fruits of our labour, otherwise the ego expects more – encouraging desire, reward, and greed, rather than the reward of helping someone.

4- What would you like to tell women on the 100th anniversary of International Womens’ Day?

I tell women to look around, and know that there is love and kindness everywhere, but all it takes is patience and faith. We need to learn to listen to the self first, so that we can listen to each other – and us ladies have listening down to a fine art!

5- You work in Salford and Eccles- what has that got to do with poor women around the world?

I am a British born Bangladeshi and have lived in Eccles since 1980, although I have been fortunate enough to spend long periods in other parts of the world including Bangladesh, Paris and Canada.

I have seen miserable rich people in some of these countries and happier people in other countries who are not as wealthy. I have also worked with many organisations in Salford and Eccles such as women’s refuges, Salford Women’s Centre, and have seen the immense poverty and suffering this affluent country has.

Organisations such as Oxfam highlight the importance of helping others and raise awareness both at home and abroad, and I believe it’s our duty to try and do as much as we can to listen to and help others so that it needn’t be as difficult to have a better way of life.

6- As a woman who runs her own business in Salford, what do you think women need to succeed?

I have always said that to run your own business you need two things; firstly do what you know and secondly do what you enjoy. That way you will want to work hard for your goals, and enjoy the process.

I used to work in IT as a Project Manager which as a generally male dominated environment can be a challenge in itself. However although I understand that to be heard, women feel we need to shout louder and work even harder but it all comes down to self-belief. This can be easier if us ladies stay true to our own character, and have conviction in our opinions and ideas so that we can carry on with dignity and joy.