Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training Sessions/Private Lessons  

Sessions available Face to Face and Online

    • HIIT cardio
    • Bodyweight workout
    • Kettlebells and weights
    •  Yoga
    • Pilates
    • Meditation
    • or a combination of the above
    • please email for more information.



I have been practicing Pilates at Sadhana’s classes for around two years with them now firmly part of my weekly routine! Each week she provides a safe and welcoming environment for me to learn the principles of Pilates and help my body grow stronger. Since starting the classes my body has become more toned and my posture has improved greatly. I no longer have a lower back pain or experience a permanent headache. I have also found that Pilates has support my strength training at the gym as I now know how to engage ‘my powerhouse core muscles’ to make the moves safer and more effective.

As I love the ‘calmness’ of Pilates I also love the ‘rush’ that you get when you do one of Sadhana’s HIIT classes. HIIT is a great chance to burn calories hard and fast. It’s a class that challenges you, but as always Sadhana always provided alternatives moves depending on your ability. You push yourself to your maximum and you feel great when it’s over! I also look forward to the short session of Yoga stretching that Sadhana adds to the class, which really allows me to stretch my muscles preventing injury or too much pain the next day!

As a teacher Sadhana is motivating, encouraging and considerate to my strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to her classes each week and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to make their body stronger, their breathing more effective and their minds a little calmer.

lauren © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
lauren © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Lauren Derbyshire, 35, Swinton


I have been enjoying my Pilates classes with Sadhana so much; I wanted to write a few words to hopefully inspire others.

I am a 63 year old male who has led a fairly active life having ridden horses for over 25 years until a back injury forced me to stop 15 years ago. I now go skiing with my wife Sharon once a year although physical restraints (knackered knees) have meant that I now use a snow bike.

I work in front of a computer for most of my working day so my body was really beginning to cease up. I was sceptical at first as I didn’t think there would be any other men in the class as for some reason I thought Pilates was something that only women did (I’m not sure where I got that from) Anyway, it wouldn’t have mattered as everyone has been so friendly. We come in all age’s shapes and sizes and no one cares.

I find the sessions really pleasurable and although everyone takes them very seriously, Sadhana always adds an element of humour to the classes which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Sadhana recommended a private lesson after a few weeks and I found that to be of huge benefit as she identified some physical problems and gave me some specific exercises which I do at home.

I am glad I decided to take up Pilates and couldn’t wish for a better teacher and I hope to attend the classes for many years.

Keep up the good work

Alan © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Alan © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Alan Shinwell