Class Information

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Classes are taught in a safe, controlled and enjoyable environment making them suitable and accessible for everyone. There are no levels to the classes as each person is taught to listen to their own bodies, being mindful and only going to whatever level the body wants to go to on that particular day.


Q: When are the Classes?

Please check on the timetable page for all class times and venue information.

Q:I am Pregnant, can I attend the classes?

Most classes are ideal for pregnancy and specific pre natal yoga and pilates are available.However, please email me so I can best advise you.

Q:What do I wear?

Comfy gym clothes such as  jogging pants, shorts, t-shirts . You may want to bring a jumper/blanket for relaxation. It is advised not to wear socks.

Q:I have never done any Yoga/Pilates before, is it ok to attend your classes?

YES. All my classes are suitable for all persons from beginners to experienced practitioners. It is more important to listen to your body. Every day your body will have a different endurance level and your Yoga/Pilates practice will help to increase your awareness of the body. Never be afraid or embarrassed to come out of a posture before others especially if you are feeling pain or discomfort.

If you feel ill or faint at any time, stop and rest.