Don’t Look Back

I spoke to one of my students turned Yoga Teacher today and she mentioned that she doesn’t understand the philosophy of Yog. She prefers to play it safe and teach posture with some breathing, theres nothing at all wrong or right in that, that’s the path she has chosen to follow and like all paths … Read more


I thought I would write a little but about this holy month of Ramadan and the joys it has bought into my life. Ramadan is the month in which the Islamic Holy book the Quoran was sent down to help us live a better way of life. During the fasting month of Ramadan we abstain … Read more

Old Bodies – Old minds?

I have just returned from teaching my yoga, pilates and meditation retreat. It was a wonderful group of friends from 26 years old to a few decades more and it gave me the chance to re confirm that just because the age body gets older this by no means means that the physical body has … Read more


It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and all the other wonderful people last week.
Thank you for a lovely retreat

Hatha Yog – great way to start but there is so much more and many of us don’t know how So rather than asking “What would Jesus do?” (bear with me) I asked “What would Bruce Lee do?”…read on To cut a very long story short , during a climbing trip in Canada I had a fall … Read more