Don’t Look Back

I spoke to one of my students turned Yoga Teacher today and she mentioned that she doesn’t understand the philosophy of Yog. She prefers to play it safe and teach posture with some breathing, theres nothing at all wrong or right in that, that’s the path she has chosen to follow and like all paths there are twists and turns, challenges but we shouldn’t try to ‘play it safe’ either.

Take a risk, make mistakes, let yourself fall, don’t control but you need to pick yourself up.

You pick yourself up with looking back and learning not regretting, looking back and saying I accept rather than what if, looking back and knowing that if it was a wrong or bad deed did you act with no malice nor a will of violence?

But why oh why is it so hard to look back and think thats ok, it happened, and then we move on?  Ego, will , intellect, and knowledge can be our friends but when they are led with control and desire, greed and need then ego, will, intellect and knowledge can be all-consuming, and thats where we need to exhale and pick up and start again

We are here until our last breath has been completed, yet ego and poor judgement can bring harm and dissatisfaction into our lives. We grasp with expectation and no hope, and we look back and dwell on the what ifs.

So what do we do, we look back and smile, realise that there was no malice behind the act, then we learn and move on, we ground ourselves with nature , with love, with the Divine and most importantly with the Self, and then we take a step forward, we take a risk but we walk tall…

… and open our hearts and let love inSadhana Yoga Pilates