New Beginnings

Mother Spring is starting to shower us with her rays of warmth bringing us out of a state of hibernation towards a period of awakening and hope.

I know that the weather is shifting yet again, but there is a freshness that is starting to find its way in, from the new buds opening their petals, to our body starting to lean  towards an air of excitement and wonder as we embrace this time of  new beginnings.

Many of us have started on the process of spring cleaning the home,   but we must start the cleanse by embracing and building the Self with Yoga and Pilates work  to bring strength and health for the body, meditation and breath practises to  cleanse the  mind and love and kindess to fill the heart with passion.

Working on the muscles we need to start massaging and moving them so that we can get rid of the excesses of winter and encourage a healthy flow of our lymphatic system which will help to carry the waste out of the body.

Regular Pilates, Yoga, walking, swimming are all great ways to get moving and with a combined routine that encourages   strength building, bone loading along with cardio-respiratory work we not only look better outside but we feel better within.

Many of my students know that my main goal is to show that practices of Pilates and Yoga are for all, regardless of age and shape, that way we can enjoy what we have, accept what we have and thus enjoy what we have.

How? With the breath,  once we can learn how to use the gift of breathing to help balance the nervous system,  bring about positive physiological and psychological changes to the body,  this loving-kindness that fills the heart with the pleasure of Spring can then be shared with all beings.

See you on the mat

with loving-kindness

sadhana ali © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
sadhana ali © Sadhana Yoga Pictures