Listen to your Heart

dream and listen to what is within

Dear Yogis and Pilates Friends

Hope you are all well, I know that summer has finished and autumn is upon us but we know that all too soon the season of freshness and new found energy will return.  But for many of us that light seems very far away. I have had lots of emails from people who are experiencing guilt for not keeping last year’s well planned resolutions and new goals and are feeling much disappointment as the seasons pass.

But as always there is good news- autumn in a time of incredible beauty in nature and a time for preparation and dreams. Dreams can bring us feeling a little more closer to what we would like to achieve and doing what we enjoy.
We all start every new year with new dreams and hopes that life takes over and sometimes those dreams remain within rather than being explored. I know its easier said than done and we can become impatient when things are not going to plan and when we come to the close of the year we experience regret, but its within us to change the way we behave, react and feel.

How do we do this? Well, we continue eating well and NOT feel guilty of you’ve had a splurge. We keep moving – take a brisk walk in the autumn sun, kick around some leaves, enjoy Yoga breathing exercises, Meditate, enjoy getting stronger in Pilates and keep your potential just like the return of springtime so too our will can grow and blossom, give it time and smile as your breath with it and close your eyes and listen to you.