I thought I would write a little but about this holy month of Ramadan and the joys it has bought into my life.

Ramadan is the month in which the Islamic Holy book the Quoran was sent down to help us live a better way of life. During the fasting month of Ramadan we abstain from drinking, eating and no naughty business during the hours of sunlight (from 2.30am till 9.40pm approx)

Yes of course its difficult especially as life has to carry on as normal., with children, work , teaching Yoga/Pilates. The physical demands of balancing life during this month is tough as we are fatigued, and sleep deprived, we are dehydrated and yes a little grumpy.

Words such as fasting and abstaining offer a somewhat negative connotation towards the month of Ramadan, it assumes that in order to gain we need to give up.

However, we do it as a choice, I do it as a way to express my gratitude rather than a sacrifice.


© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

For me its a wonderful time to read and pray, to think a little less about the belly but be grateful to have been blessed to provide myself with the means to feed myself and think about those who do not have.

Ramadan its not what we give up rather what we gain .

It is a wonderful time when the senses slow down so the body and mind are calmer, and we can practice patience, contemplation and sincerity.

Of course we don’t need to have a belief in the Divine to be grateful but today rather than asking for something we need, be grateful for what we have.