False and Real Ego

yoga retreat

“Accept what we have, have the courage to acknowledge what we have, have the strength to appreciate what we have, have the will to be content; all this is easy to write but hard to practice when the “false” ego is unheard.

The struggle between the mind and the Self is identifying whether we listen and adhere to the false ego or the “real” ego. The latter brings about a state of awakening and realisation to see things for what they really are, rather than what we assume is there.

False ego is a perception of what we are, what we think we need to become, or to get towards, and it is false ego that drives the Self into a state of despair, of need and greed. False ego feels that without the validation of acceptance then we are not good enough.

The media portrays the ideal Self, and if that ideal Self is not attained, then we have failed.
Real ego on the other hand, accepts what we have, gives us the courage to love what we have, and to find solace in remaining at contentment and at peace.

How do we start? With the breath, invite the gift of inhalation and let go of the grey with the release of exhalation”.