Hatha Yog – great way to start but there is so much more and many of us don’t know how

So rather than asking “What would Jesus do?” (bear with me) I asked “What would Bruce Lee do?”…read on

To cut a very long story short , during a climbing trip in Canada I had a fall and puled out two teeth and  dislocated my shoulder. Eight years later i was still walking around with dislocated shoulder (this is very common) until another injury to my elbow  forced me to seek help.

Sadly i had a big fight to convince the specialists that i had indeed suffered a serious injury in fact it took over two years to convince them i needed an  x-ray  which showed that I did indeed have a dislocation in my shoulder joint which would require surgery.  I was devastated to say the least .

Post operatively I knew that something wasn’t right and after another year of ‘discussion’ I was told by another surgeon that the former surgery wasn’t quite correct and would need another operation to try to rectify the problem, and even if the procedure was successful I  eventually told me i may never be able to use my left shoulder properly again. This was the worst thing I could have been told, after all my body is my job.

But it all happened for a reason, my shoulder problems occurred because they were meant to, I was heading towards the path of body beautiful, willing myself to go a stage further to enter the  next posture and the next and all I craved was how it looked rather than how it felt. my real ego had taken over until finally I was forced to slow down and take a step back to asking the real question

“What would Bruce Lee do?”

after Bruce Lee injured his spine to the point he was told he may never be able to move again, he  turned to his readings and he read and read and read and went back to the principles and philosophy of martial arts .

So i rested my body and exercised my mind.  I read, and read and read and i still read to learn what Yog is about, and i found my answers in the  Bhagavad Gita, Patanjalis sutras of Yoga, The Quoran, Buddhist philosophies amongst many others texts.  I finally saw what was really there rather than what I wanted to see  or perceived to be there.

I am glad that I was given this chance to study and continue to study and explore and question what is Yoga.

there’s a minefield out of texts and its hard on your own to plough through what Yog is really about, always ask questions, be curious and open minded, as believe me its Yoga is so much more than the body, for me without breath, without love and kindness Yoga cannot exist.