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© Sadhana Yoga Pictures


I ve been thinking a lot about what Hope is, what it means to us, does it fill our hearts with a sense of excitement, wonder and curiosity or is does it bring desire, expectation and the potential to fall down, or option C, all of the above?

As humans we have needs, primal needs, fuelled by the urgency to feel, to attain, but why do we find it hard to just accept? Accept that maybe this is how it is and theres nothing much we can do about it? Why when things go wrong do we feel guilt, dwell in the what ifs, and find it hard to therefore let go? Why do we try to control things that are just out of our control, find it hard to be patient, to change paths?

As always I have no answers, but lots of questions that remain unanswered but thats ok too. From a Yoga point of view once we have tended to the body (Hatha Yog), we then start with the mind, the mind needs to be fed with knowledge (Jnana Yog), knowledge acquired through living and making mistakes.

a friend of mine sent me the following

a successful business man was asked the secret of his success. He said ‘making good decisions’ when asked how he made good decisions he said ‘experience’ and how did he get his experience ‘by making bad decisions’.

Dont be a slave to attachment and desire, subdue the Ego and take hold of the senses, dont control but guide them through wonders of lifes joys and sorrows and take a moment to be at one with the breath.