Change of Pace, Change of path…

Recently I suffered an injury, fracturing my ankle fortunately not serious enough to stop me teaching and practising but serious enough to force me to slow the pace down.

Life became a little crazy for me this year swaying me off my path, and I resisted that change, in fact ignorance of my here and now and anger took over and lead me to dwell in the violent sorrows of being unkind to myself.

My fractured cankle © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
My fractured cankle © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Even though I had a bag full of armour to help me life my live from Yoga practices, meditations and having my faith but I lost faith in the Self. Fear crippled my being and made me scared to stop and listen, so I kept running (literally) until I had an accident so I was forced to sit, be still and hardest of them all to be patient and start to listen

The aural sense is the most powerful sense of them all, and I was listening to what I wanted to hear rather than listening to whats really going on

so I took time out, I read, I prayed , I practised meditation and breathing and my wonderful students helped me enormously with allowing me to teach (via a chair) and slowly, with a a lot of patience and love ill get back to being in my new-found reality.

I tweeted the other day (@sadhanaali) that when the path needs to change, choose another, dont resist that change because the goal in life remains the same…to be at peace and to be content

I am eternally grateful to be given the opportunity to share Yoga with you all, in my meditation, pre natal, Pilates and Yoga classes and many of you send me wonderful and sad mails about your paths and the obstacles that shift of off gear, but thats ok too, to take a step back now and again, assess and then get back onto that path or choose another. We can do it on our own but if loving kindness can hold our hands then it makes it a little easier to breathe in …and breathe out