Old Bodies – Old minds?

I have just returned from teaching my yoga, pilates and meditation retreat. It was a wonderful group of friends from 26 years old to a few decades more and it gave me the chance to re confirm that just because the age body gets older this by no means means that the physical body has to surrender and almost stop.

I always wanted to teach yoga to all bodies and any body – and have been fortunate enough to work with babies, people with learning difficulties, cerebral palsy, young bodies, not so young bodies, MS,ME, cancer and renal dialysis patients and many more. Working with these people has helped me to learn about the wonderful workings of the body.

It saddens me when I hear statements and presumptions such as “im too old for Yoga”, “im not bendy enough”, “its too late for me now”. I can understand to some degree where they are coming from when every picture they see of a Yoga body is contortionism and impatience, ego is boosted and its plain and simple posture, posture and posture.

So whats it all about then ? Breath and stilling the mind – hard work but so worth it. But regardless of age and ability we can all try and see what happens

if the body is kept healthy through good diet , strength building work complimented by mobilising joints but most importantly the right attitude then the body will grow with us and help us to enjoy all stages of life – and to help us deal better when things arent so great

its a joy to be able to teach all bodies and any body and it was this ethos i wanted to practice Yog and i am fortunate to come across fellow yogis like yourself who listen and enjoy their body – from the mind and breath (subtle) to the tangible vessel (physical)

and heres the proof – my beloved and greatly missed Nanajii, my original yogi and Gurujii who passed at the ripe of age of 112 (or thereabouts, all oficial paperwork was burnt during in 1971 …another story). He had the wisdom and the intellect to live life with strength in his body, and love and breath for Allah, for his 11 kids, around 54 grandchildren and around half million great great grand children (ok not that many but a heck of a lot..the grandchlildren and kids stats are correct at time of writing)