Kate and Baby Ruby

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Sadhana’s Baby Yoga is a great start to the week . Not only do I benefit from a good work out, but Baby Ruby loves the attention that she receives  as well as the nursery rhymes, songs and baby massage. Sadhana has a really laid back attitude to the class. Babies are free to cry, … Read more

Kevin Eccleston

Pilates was recommended to be by my neurologist, who thought it would be good for the restricted movement in my joints. Sadhana’s classes are really helpful, she is a great teacher and includes everyone in the class, catering to all  from beginners to people who have been doing Pilates a while. I  have changed my posture, … Read more

Graeme Semple

I first met Sadhana on one of her retreats and instantly found her classes  inspiring and gave me an inner sense of calm as well as an incredible work out for my body and mind.  It is so worth going to  Sadhana’s sessions and I get so much out of them – it’s so important … Read more

Sarah Rowland 34, Salford

Sadhana’s Pregnancy class helped me with SPD. Thanks to her Pilates and breath techniques I  was able to have my third baby  any chemical pain relief, by maintaining my breath control. Her Yin Yoga has helped me with post natal depression bringing love and kindness to myself, however that self may be. Coming with my … Read more


I thoroughly enjoy Sadhanas’ Pilates & Meditation classes and always leave feeling energized and able to face the week ahead. I enjoy the encouragement Sadhana gives along with the humour, but never are you asked to do anything that does not feel right for you and your body; there is always an alternative exercise available. … Read more

Phillippa Lewis

I was struggling with insomnia, anxiety and stress. I can honestly say that the first hour of Sadhana’s teaching had a life changing effect on me and her classes continue to inspire and sustain me. I have used Yoga and meditation to successfully deal with insomnia and stress, I continue to use Yogic principles to … Read more

Lisa Whitby

Postnatal, yoga, pilates baby yoga

I always feel comfortable in Sadhana’s classes, they are friendly and she creates a happy and safe environment where size, shape and level of fitness doesn’t matter. Her couples birth prep classes are intimate and it gave my partner an insight of what to expect at the birth, how to calm and breath with me … Read more

Wendy Manock Eccles

I absolutely LOVE the Sadhana’s Pilates classes, she ALWAYS makes me feel very welcome, her smiley face lights up the room. I enjoy the interaction with other class members, ranging in age from 20+ to my age of 70+. I would strongly recommend attending Pilates classes, core strength, efficient breathing, good posture & general well-being, … Read more


I have totally fallen in love with Sadhana’s Yin Yoga. The whole experience from the welcome at the door with a cup of tea to the chats at the end and all of the yoga in between have calmed me to my core. There are many different types of people in her classes. As well … Read more

Vicki Greer

..I found the teacher for me in Sadhana. her classes have taught me how to truly practice yoga which is more than the physical . no matter what else is going on in life I never fail to come out feeling more grounded and calmer. I thoroughly recommend Sadhana’s yoga classes to anyone – from … Read more