Gratitude Jars

  Dear Yoga and Pilates Friends   I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and peace and blessings to you all for 2019 I have had some much need sunshine in Sri Lanka   and as wonderful as my holiday was I  am very grateful to be able to start my 14th year … Read more

Keeping the Spine Mobile

Abdominal Breathing © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Keeping the Spine Mobile The most common complaints I hear from students are related to muscle tension and stiffness due to chronic or acute back pain. As a result from these problems, we suffer from poor posture, stress, tight shoulders, weak abdominal muscles and even depression. Through Yoga and Pilates exercises, as well as better … Read more

Passing of Knowledge

“Passing of Knowledge” sculpture by Victor Tan Wee Tar. © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I took the above photo when visiting the Botanical Gardens in Singapore, a beautiful sculpture the “Passing of Knowledge” sculpture by Victor Tan Wee Tar. The sculpture is his interpretation about the relationships we have passing and receiving knowledge from teacher to student, in this instance passing water from parent to child. I am so … Read more