Cleanse from Within


Many of us view cleansing as a form of suffering – from depriving ourselves of certain foods, to extreme fasting whereby we can only ingest juices and not much else. But cleansing is essentially a form of letting go and starting from within.

We can cleanse without the need to banish, to suffer nor to feel guilty by firstly acknowledging whats going on inside and accepting that sometimes its ok to eat some rich food, to not workout, to have a laugh and a drink (in moderation) as we are human beings and its ok to enjoy.

At the same time, you don’t have to be a Nutritionist nor Yoga Practitioner to know that its all about moderation.


Here’s how to download (pun intended) :


Drink –  preferably water  and herbal teas, but don’t go crazy. About 1.5 litres is plenty to sip throughout the day but try not to drink during a meal.

Eat    – Chew fennel seeds or ginger before and after meals, eat small meals every 2 to 3 hours to keep sugar levels balanced.

Posture –   stand tall , work your core (pelvic floor, stomach and breathing muscles) aka Yoga and Pilates.

Exercise –   but don’t make it a chore, do what you enjoy whether its a walking, dancing, swimming. Yoga and Pilates are great ways to tone, strengthen and release the body of excess.

Breathe…Properly –   when we get worried, anxious,afraid our breath becomes short and shallow resulting in increase stress levels. – I will be writing about Meditation and Breathing practices so watch this space or visit  and learn to breathe properly.

Accept –   the hardest of them all; dont chase the body beautiful, its not al about food and exercise, genetics plays an important part of our body shape, so if you have curves, embrace them. Once we can accept the body, then we can be kinder to the body and learn to practice contentment rather than chase what may never be achieved.


Keep breathing and keep smiling


Sadhana x