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I attended the Sadhana’s Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Retreat in Italy, in October 2014. I decided I needed a bit of me time and Sadhana’s retreat sounded the perfect break. The setting was beautiful, practising in Castle Rosumunda overlooking Lake Iseo with views of the mountains in the background, pure bliss. The teaching itself had the perfect mix of physical and spiritual healing which was great for the diverse group of ladies attending our retreat.  Sadhana practises with us in a safe, non- judgemental space and you feel compelled to complete each class without the sense of being forced into uncomfortable situations, again physically or mentally. We attended classes over a three day period however, it felt so much longer and I cherished every second.  The free time was spent getting to know the other members on retreat and discovering the beautiful Lake Iseo and I am not sure if my stomach muscles will ever recover from the constant laughing!
Sadhana is an engaging, happy teacher and her classes had such a positive impact on my time spent at Lake Iseo and my life, thank you!

Sue Mccarthy © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Sue Mccarthy © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Sue Lake Iseo, Italy October 2014

“Had an amazing Yoga experience. Beautiful surroundings, met a great bunch of girls and fab memories. Will definitely keep it up. Thank you so much Sadhana and thank you Loretta and Mandy for organising the trip and for looking after us so well. xxxx”

Veronica Tunney (far right) © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Veronica Tunney (far right) © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

Veronica Tuney Lake Iseo Retreat October 2014



Dear Sadhana
Thank you to everybody involved in making the weekend so enjoyable.  I had a really good time, from start to finish, and would happily do it all again.

Sadhana, don’t leave it too long before the next Haybergill retreat!



Hi Sadhana

Yes I echo all the comments that have been communicated – thanks to you all for a lovely few days, a longer retreat would be a real treat wouldn’t it? Still feeling balanced after my few days away!
Graeme (Gerry) x



Lizzy Norton (centre)© Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Lizzy Norton (centre)© Sadhana Yoga Pictures

The retreat to Lake Iseo was the first retreat of this kind I’ve been on and I can absolutely say that it exceeded my expectations. The hotel, view and local area was beautiful. Sadhana definitely chose the location well, who could complain when practising Yoga, Pilates and Meditation in a castle! The classes taught by Sadhana were all, as expected, brilliant and she made us feel at ease and comfortable to do as much or as little as we wanted.

I also managed, during one of the Pilates classes, to do the ‘roll up to feet move with no hands’ which last time I tried nearly fell flat on my face, so I was very pleased and felt that I’d achieved something. The retreat had the perfect amount of classes, free time and fun mixed in which made the trip just right and enabled me to relax, take in the scenery and build on my own practise.

By the end of the retreat I had made some great friends which I think is a testament to how much organisation, love and care went into making the experience unforgettable. I would definitely go on another of Sadhana’s retreats and would recommend them to everyone.

Thanks for the experience, it was fab!


Dear Sadhana
Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for creating such a fantastic atmosphere this weekend. I loved every minute of our retreat. I feel like I have made great new friends and hope that we will all stay in touch and maybe get together again for another weekend. Great company, good food, massive laughter, amazing yoga, what a treat. Big hugs to all of you.


Pippa xxxx



Celia © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Celia © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I attended Sadhana’s retreat in Lake Iseo this October. She is  a very pure and natural person who guides you through each class of Yoga, Pilates & Meditation which somehow come naturally. I am a high impact aerobics queen normally but I found the retreat quite liberating as well as excellent exercise. The location of th Castle, Hotel and retaurant all on Lake Iseo was breathtaking, the company priceless, the experience amazing. I have made some lifelong soulmates.

Finally the one experience which sticks in my mind was on our last evening when Sadhana finished the yoga with chanting (which I felt a little uncomfortable with I admit) but in that beautiful castle overlooking the lake lit with candles as the sun was going down and chanting in a very natural harmonious way with my lovely friends felt so comforting and natural, truly magical! I will definitely be back on the next one.

Thank u Sadhana so much. You took me to a place I never knew existed. Without you it would have been impossible.”




Dear Sadhana

Thank you all, for sharing such a beautiful weekend. I had so much fun, it was good to meet you all.

Liezel x

Dear Sadhana
It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and all the other wonderful people last week. Thank you for a lovely retreat- its made me a lot more aware of my breath although must admit I did forget to breath a lot last week amidst the chaos at work ;)- a good learning experience;). thanks for being such a wonderful person and keep up the good work of being an inspiration (this as an observational not as flattery or to boost ego) to the lives of people like myself. take care for now and have a wonderful

lots of love Ethaar


Lisa Bradley © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Lisa Bradley © Sadhana Yoga Pictures

I love your yoga and meditation classes!  The retreat in Italy was something else!!!!
I went with a very heavy heart full of grief. I have come home lighter and can now Visualise a future with sunshine!

Sadhana, your gift to us all was individual and special. The setting in the castle,he candles, the views of the lake all added to the superb classes which were all different just as we all are!

thank you Sadhana, you’ve helped me more than words can say! Lovely friendship have been made that will be cherished.

I truly do appreciate every breath I take ( and breathing in no longer hurts).
I will most definitely go again on one of your yoga retreats.

much love

Hi Sadhana

Thank you for a lovely time on the retreat, your teaching and style was an inspiration and I look forward to joining you in practice again (hopefully at one of your regular sessions).   Many thanks


Hi Sadhana

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the weekend. It was hard and challenging at times, but you don’t want it to be too easy. All the people on the course were very friendly and it had a relaxing atmosphere. The food was delicious and I am just making the apple and raspberry pudding from their cookbook with my little girl – who is more interested in pulling the cooker apart than helping! I hope to do another retreat with you next year and might try and get a friend to come too. If you want to put me on your mailing list for information on retreats then please do.

Thanks again and I hope to see you sometime soon.


Dear Sadhana,

Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring retreat – I had a great time and met some lovely people – and what a wonderful place Habergill is too! Although my yoga practice is mainly self-directed at home and some gym classes at DW, I’m going to try to come along – especially to your Sunday afternoon class at the Quaker Hall I shall check your website out for times/dates! Maggie and her family are lovely and made everyone so welcome and at home – what a wonderful vision they had for Habergill and also the determination and commitment to make that vision a reality – Maggie seems quite an amazing women! Well, its back to work for me today (I was on leave last week) so I’m off dog walking now then heading off to work …. Hope to see you soon

Love & light

Hi Sadhana

The retreat was fantastic and I loved the classes. Thank you so much for your individual attention as that was much appreciated as I build up strength in my ankle. Apart from that, the relaxation and breathing techniques taught were great, making the whole experience brilliant!

Tavia Lake Iseo Italy 2015 © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Tavia Lake Iseo Italy 2015 © Sadhana Yoga Pictures
Tavia x

Dear Sadhana,

Today I was out walking; a short but quite a tough little trek, there was pain but no ambulance pain, as I walked there was only I breath in, I breath out An excellent weekend & thanks for being part of my journey, I’m sure I will have the pleasure of sharing breath with you soon

Cheers and Namaste

Thank you Sadhana!!!

The weekend was marvellous. The atmosphere was so positive and spiritually rich (can’t think of how else to explain it) and you yourself are  inspirational and very interesting also.

love Jenny

Hi Sadhana, Great pictures! (trust me to have my eyes shut in the group one!) Thanks for the weekend I had a really lovely time and am re-inspired to carry on with yoga and also definitely to find a good pilates class in Newcastle. I only wish we could have stayed another day or so up there – it was back to reality far too quickly. Despite being in the office I am remembering to keep my shoulders down, sit up and tuck my tail bone in so hopefully I won’t slip into bad ways again too soon. I’d love to come and do a retreat again at some point. Thanks again, take care and enjoy the festive season, Best wishes, Ally xx

Hi Sadhana, Thanks for a lovely weekend I feel extremely relaxed – it was well worth it. I’m recommending to my colleagues! Emma x

Hi Sadhana

Thankyou for a lovely weekend and for sending the pictures. My minds a bit clearer now then it was on friday though  Thankyou.

Love and hugs   joanne xx


Your a joy to be around as were everyone else which was lovely.

Speak to you soon

Jo xx

Thank you so much for the pictures they are great and I have got them on my facebook. I hope our paths cross again sometime I had a wonderful weekend and will definitely try to come back and recommend it to others.

Have a lovely weekend,
Ellie Smith

Hi Sadhana

A big, big thank you for organising such a brilliant weekend. I enjoyed myself so much. The yoga, pilates and meditation were fantastic – and just what I was looking for to get me inspired again! The thing I love so much about you classes is that you can tell you really enjoy teaching, and care about your students. I have to been to many yoga classes where the teachers seem bored, or rushed and the experience is just not enjoyable. I am going to try to come at least once a week to Monton for classes but also I was wondering how much the ones you do at home were? I was thinking that maybe I could have a private session once a month. As I am training for the marathon I am concerned with what the running will do to my body and it would be good to have a practice specifically focusing on running if you know what I mean (so lots of knee strengthening work!)

Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon!

Wendy G

Hi Sadhana

A big “thank you” to you and all the work you prepare both in advance and whilst at Haybergill.  I had yet another GREAT retreat meeting familiar and new friends.  I thought we were all like-minded people and got on with each other extremely well.  The atmosphere was good in every way, from being light-hearted to serious concentration and, at times, just hilarious, I feel sure a good time was had by everyone.  I had an excellent journey home and hope you did, too.  My core muscles ached yesterday, hence the reason for missing Pilates last night, however, I have every intention of seeing you tomorrow evening.  Keep up your good work, we all love being in class.

See you tomorrow. Wendy x

Hi Sadhana

I just wanted to say thank you again for arranging the yoga retreat. I really enjoyed the weekend and appreciate the effort you put into all the arrangements and activities. The Haybergill Centre is a perfect venue and the staff were brilliant.

It was nice to meet you and I feel I have learned quite a lot about just how bad my posture is and what I need to concentrate on. I will have a talk to my teacher about my ‘problem areas’ and keep working on them!

Thanks again

Caroline x

Hi Sadhana!

I’m just on-line now, they are brilliant photos, thank you very much indeed, it is so nice to be able to see them so quickly, a digital camera is a must, Arthur and I really must get around to choosing one in the not too distant future.  So glad you liked the pressie, I thought they would be useful when you take your next group to Haybergill – I wish I was joining you again, I loved our week-end.  I’m sorry I was a little tearful, on the occasion of our photo together, but I really did want to share my joy, life is about caring and sharing.  Until next time, enjoy your life Sadhana it is very precious.  I hope you will be feeling 100% very soon, with no hurt in your knees after your fall.

See you tomorrow.

Wendy x

Hi Sadhana, thanks for a fantastic weekend and excellent classes! I would definitely like to be added to the mailing list! Lizzie xx

Hi Sadhana

Thank you so much for the weekend we all had a great time something new and  interesting, and energising. I have passed on your good wishes to Carole who had a bad weekend her husband is now back in hospital, so we must support her as well as we can.   It would be lovely to return for another retreat and bring her with us next  time.I hope I can return next july as I personally found it a new and refreshing  experience.We had a good journey back with plenty of reminiscences and laughs  what else with us!!!

Our love and best wishes to you.

love Pam xx

Hi Sadhana

Back to reality with a bang, the good old NHS for ya, like to keep me busy. However did go into work on Monday after a brilliant nights sleep on Sunday and my shoulders felt great. Many thanks for the contact I will call him, still figuring out how I can manage training alongside my job but the key I think is you just do it. I thought the retreat was great and would definitely go again. I thought your classes were superb and  totally inclusive of  all abilities. I enjoyed your style of teaching and found you extremely approachable and knowledgeable, particularly like your angle on Yoga not being an aerobic exercise but a state of mind and philosophy for life, I think that gets forgotten or not mentioned at all. I wish I lived nearer your classes but will try to make some of the weekend workshops. Don`t suppose you know of any classes in the Hebden bridge, Halifax, Todmorden area?? So far so good, I had a yoga class last night and just did some meditation and a few stretches tonight.

So thanks again for organizing such a great weekend and will no doubt pass your path again Carla

Dear Sadhana,

THANK YOU, so much! I had a wonderful weekend. I thought I was going away for a relaxing, calm, fulfilling weekend, which I got in droves, but who would have a thought it would be spent with such an amazing, warm group of people. Thanks again and look forward to the next one. Ali x

Dear Sadhana

Thank you for the lovely picture! The weekend left me feeling wonderfully calm and relaxed and I still have a sense of mental peace that I haven’t experienced for many years. It’s as if  having had some space from everything for a couple of days I can look at things  with a slightly detatched perspective, and the emotion that usually accompanies  things has had a chance to dial down. I was pleased with what I managed to do. Even though I was hoping to do  more, I felt it was ok that I could recognise when I needed to stop.

Although I  didn’t feel so good on Sunday, by Monday when my muscles had a chance to  recover, I experienced less pain and better movement. I am resolved to sit in meditation stance for several minutes a day and  build up, as I am sure it was this that helped my hips. Your wonderful relaxed approach to attending the sessions was so welcome,  and did not make me feel any pressure to try and keep up. Your style is truly a  gift to us in these days of constantly feeling the need to demonstrate perseverance and achievement. For me, the achievement was in saying “I don’t have to”. I got home ok, and now feel much better at the prospect of taking people  with me next time. I was explaining to the girls at one of the meals, I felt so unsure of how  safe I would be – my muscles lock up when I am sitting in one position for a  while – that I was reluctant to put any one else in danger of being in my car. I  didn’t feel I explained that very well to you, and it must have looked a bit  flaky! I had not driven so far for a long time, but now I know that it was  ok. What a lovely mix of people we had! I don’t get the chance to socialise  much and am aware that I probably don’t always come across so well in a large group. That’s why I felt I needed to give Avril a big hug when she left. She  annoyed me with her attitude, but I recognised in her an inability to be  sure of how to mix, and having felt like that myself my whole life, I hugged her with sincerity, even though I had been cross with her before. Sometimes annoying  people are a good mirror for examining yourself! The centre was unlike anything I have experienced, with such a wonderfully  relaxed atmosphere, it was almost like being a house guest of friends! I don’t  think you could find better for your purpose.   On a different note, the BodyWorks exhibition has been extended to 17th  August, so there’s still plenty of time to go. I think we are going as a family day out this weekend, but I would still probably like to go during the week  without the kids, so that I can take my time. Let me know if you still fancy  doing this.   Look forward to seeing you on Friday

love and light


Sadhana, Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. Ali and me had such a great time! We both learned a lot about yoga (and Ali goes to classes in Eastbourne, but she still learned a lot) What a wonderful place to take us for a weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I will certainly be coming next year and Ali says she will too. I really don’t think you realise how good  you are, or what a positive effect you have on your yogis. You are very modest. Thank you once again and see you on Thursday. I want to get to Pilates as well if I can get there in time.

Take care. Joyce

Hey Sadhana, Hope you’re not too exhausted by working all weekend. I feel much happier than I usually do on a Monday and did some sun salutes this morning before work! Thanks so much was brilliant. I’m sure my trousers are a little bit tighter tho… Sarah T x

Thanks Sadhana, Great time had by all, just looking at my photos, they re really nice. Will attach a couple for the group. It was a really lovely mix of people. Enjoyed the company of every one. And really enjoyed the yoga practice and meditations. Felt quite tired when I got back, still do! Think it was harder than I realised. But thanks for a great time, it was lovely to meet you, you are very inspirational. Will definitely come to one of your classes when I get organised.

Love from Karen xx

Hi Sadhana Thank you so much for an excellent weekend.  I really enjoyed all the classes, great variety, I have been doing yoga for many years but there were lots of surprises!  The group were great too, it really felt like I was parting with old friends on Sunday afternoon.  Maybe I will see you at one of your Eccles classes in the future. I would certainly like to come to another retreat.

Love Liz xx

Hello, Sadhana!   I’m afraid you beat me to it!  I have been meaning to get in touch, just to say thank you for organising last weekend.  It certainly was an experience, wasn’t it?  It was a good weekend, though, and a really good group.  Haybergill is a great base, with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.      Thank you for sending the photographs as well – they’re great!  Ian did well, didn’t he?   Please would you add me to your mailing list?  I’d certainly come on another retreat and would take steps to ensure that I wasn’t so worn out by the end of it.   Hope to see you again.   Frances x

Dear Sadhana

Hello!   Thank you so very much for last weekend – I had an amazing time. I will definitely be wanting to go on future retreats and I look forward to seeing you again!


Thanks Sadhana for your newsletter. I finally managed to look at the photos of Haybergill. They really are a true reflection of a wonderful weekend.

Thank you again and have a lovely Christmas Jeni XX

Sadhana,  My daughter has just told me she is in the early stages of pregnancy. She lives in Portsmouth and has recently started yoga (about a year). Can you recommend any books or advice about yoga in those early days. We are all thrilled about the news and want to ensure she looks after herself. Not all teachers are trained , as you are, for yoga and pregnancy.

Thanks again for the wonderful weekend. I am so glad we braved the snow.

Jenny Doran ( haybergill )XX

Hi Sadhana  Thanks for a lovely weekend, drive home was a bit hair raising with the fog but we made it.  I have joined your facebook page, love the photos  Take care and keep in touch x  Kind Regards Coral Horn

Hey hey sorry I didn’t text I dropped my phone in the toilet so it’s currently drying out on radiator haha thank you for a beautiful wkd loved it and have loads of energy.let me know if you know of any other events see you soon

lots of love  Lucie x x

Thankyou for your instructions—I will contact you if I have problems and will attent the monthly class which will be ideal until the light nights of the summer—-better for driving—I am trying to practice at home on a daily basis and go to my class every Monday—I enjoyed your approach and also love your attitude to the older woman and her capabilities—-not always apparent in the western womans angle!!!I know the Eastern approach of cherishing older people is something the west needs to learn about!!! ————————–IN LOVE AND LIGHT